Xcom 2 Mods

The best XCOM 2 mods

Take the fight to the aliens once again with these excellent mods

The engineers at Firaxis are large supporterss of XCOM 2 mods, and keeping in mind that they appear to have left the local area to their own gadgets they havealso  made it so natural for modders to truly change the entire game. Indicating their obligation to the fans, Firaxis really collaborated with Pavonis Interactive (the makers of the first Long War mod for Enemy Unknown) to ensure that the modding devices were really smoothed out prior to delivering them into nature.

The following is a choice of a portion of our number one mods from the venerable turn-based system game, despite the fact that it merits calling attention to this is a somewhat divided rundown because of the marginally unusual nature of the XCOM 2 DLC library.

The contrast between vanilla XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen is somewhat like a whole other world, so the modding destinations for both versions of the game can be very different. A mod for one will not really work for the other without some dabbling. A few mods on our rundown have renditions accessible for both, and we’ve checked them where significant.


These are the best XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen mods:

  • Evac All
  • Grimy’s Loot Mod
  • Elerium Grounds
  • Long War 2
  • Mandalorians of the Old Republic (WOTC)
  • Musashis RPG Overhaul (WOTC)
  • Instant Avengers Menus (WOTC)
  • Capnbubs Accessories Pack (WOTC)
  • A Better Advent (WOTC)
  • True Concealment (WOTC)
  • Mechatronic Warfare Pack (WOTC)



Getting the entirety of your troopers to the evac point and experiencing the long roping out liveliness with all of them is dreary to the point of torture. Evac All adds a helpful little catch that makes each unit in the evac zone rope out simultaneously. In addition to the fact that it looks cooler, it likewise saves at any rate a moment. I can’t suggest this enough as a personal satisfaction mod.

This mod likewise has a War of the Chosen variant available.

a character load�ut screen with stats


Three words: Diablo Style Loot

With new addons that give weapon holders exceptional advantages and capacities just as many new detail boosting addons, this is ideal for keeping the feeling of danger and prize going in the late game when intel and supplies begin to feel excess. Also, the sheer number of things getting added is dumbfounding:

  • 96 new upgrades for primary weapons
  • 81 new upgrades for armours
  • 45 new upgrades for pistols
  • 45 new upgrades for swords
  • 87 new upgrades for gremlins
  • 45 new upgrades for psi amps
  • 45 new upgrades for grenade launchers


Tarnished has additionally made a PCS Loot Mod that works close by this and makes the Skulljack valuable all through the game just as an Alien Rulers Loot Mod, however that requires the Alien Rulers DLC (which everything ought to have at this point on the off chance that you’ve bought War of the Chosen).

Talking about, there is additionally a War of the Chosen variant for this mod.


In the mid to late game Elerium Cores are as uncommon as possible sit inactive for quite a long time at a time if you’re unfortunate. Also, without new centers, you’ll fall behind on extraordinary armours, weighty weapons, trial ammunition and grenades. Elerium Grounds lets you – whenever you’ve finished the pre-imperative examination – assemble Elerium Cores to your souls content (for an expense).

It additionally permits you to update the Spider and Exo suits, saving them as legitimate protection alternatives for the late game. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need, the two pieces of the mod are downloadable separately. While it will show a little admonition image when stacked with WotC, it very well may be played with no issues.

a soldier with a tiny gun faces off against a large alien


The (in)famous Long War mod returned close by the dispatch of the workshop for XCOM 2. Authoritatively endorsed by Firaxis themselves, Pavonis Interactive have basically incorporated an upgrade DLC free of charge.

Long War 2 consists of a more drawn out mission, new classes with remarkable capacities and mechanics, new penetration frameworks that require conveying various crews, an essential ADVENT AI, SMG weapons, and new adversaries.

The new classes have more customisation alternatives with a third choice accessible at each position (which can be downloaded independently as the Long War Perk Pack). My undisputed top choice piece of the Long War mod are the pioneers. Units can be prepared in the Guerrilla Training School to get unique capacities that advantage the crew. Notwithstanding, just a single chief can be taken on every mission so you must be cautious who you lay the weight on.

On the off chance that you need to inhale new life into vanilla, this is the main mod for you. Pavonis Interactive’s Long War mod for Enemy Unknown was fabulous as is this.



XCOM 2 soldiers in Mandalorian gear pose on the gangway


This is a fresher mod that’s now demonstrating very well known. It’s a beautifiers mod that permits you to unit your soldiers out in different armours motivated from the Mandalorian race from Star Wars. Sets from across the different periods have been incorporated, which will consider some assorted and – evidently – boss XCOM warriors.

It most be noticed that there several suggested mods that you should get close by this, for example, the ‘Totally Invisible Heads’ mod. This is on the grounds that the vanilla heads/hair can cut through the new models, so in the event that you need to keep the submersion you’ll need to vanish those heads.


Whoosh! Goodness, stand by, neglected to place something in the Resistance Ring. Whoosh! Whoosh! Damn it, bond accessible. Whoosh! Whoosh! Examination finished. Whoosh!

You get the thought. Going to and fro among rooms and the geo-scape can resemble pulling teeth when you’re attempting to complete something quick. Instant Avenger Menus removes the progress livelinesss and simply allows you to get serious to crush the outsiders!

a man in a suit with knives and guns


Like Long War 2, the RPG Overhaul completely changes how the game functions. Rather than having a lot of various classes, units are rather placed into the Soldier class and you’re ready to pick their capacities for an aggregate of 98 special capacities. Utilizing the Ability Points presented in WotC you can even overhaul things like Health, Dodge, Aim, and Will.

With heaps of other little changes like Soldiers having the option to utilize any mix of essential and auxiliary weapons, preparing auxiliary weapons as primaries, and presenting another position above Colonel, Musashi’s RPG Pack is incredible for radically changing the game. Musashi suggests that you play with a determination of different mods that are remembered for the mod page.


I like making my troopers look extraordinary, who doesn’t? And keeping in mind that the vanilla alternatives are alright, CapnBubs pack improves it much with heaps of head protectors, caps, goggles, and face props. And keeping in mind that the Halo and Star Wars customisation mods are incredible, CapnBubs keeps to the vibe and works effectively of mixing consistently with the remainder of the game.

This mod additionally has a vanilla XCOM 2 variant available.

a soldier, gun raised eyes closed


As numerous mod devotees will know, it’s not difficult to download a lot of mods and afterward fail to remember precisely what you’ve introduced. I didn’t really understand that the plenty of new units that A Better ADVENT added were from a mod as they fit with the game’s movement so flawlessly and that implies it works impeccably. While none of the units ABA adds are overwhelmed, their capacities can be decimating. The Stun Lancer is a specific worst thing about mine as the low level scuffle unit can conceivably thump officers oblivious with his steers push sword.


XCOM 2’s large interactivity transformer was the disguise specialist where you could move around inconspicuous and get the drop on the adversary. The solitary issue with this was that clock missions actually ticked down, which didn’t bode well.

Genuine Concealment fixes that issue by stopping the clock until you’re uncovered, giving you substantially more authority over how you approach these missions. It makes the game somewhat simpler so remember that while picking the trouble.

the spark skill tree screen


The SPARK is maybe perhaps the most futile units in XCOM 2. Costing 2 Elerium centers and a heap of assets to fabricate and with its attention on being a tank, the SPARK can without much of a stretch end up on the scrapheap in its first shootout.

The Mechatronic Warfare Pack greatly improves the SPARK’s utility by joining the SPARK and crew reinforcement and weapon redesigns, diminishing the general expense of SPARK units. Redesigning the Specialist’s Gremlin and the SPARK BIT simultaneously. Enabling you to remake annihilated SPARKs (you know, the entire advantage of having mechanical troopers) just as changing the maintenance narrows, hardware spaces, and capacity focuses for the SPARK.

I essentially overlooked the SPARK even in the wake of having paid for the DLC (Shen’s Last Gift) to get it however with this mod they’re in reality quite magnificent. Certainly an absolute necessity have.


The only thing to keep in mind when modding XCOM 2 is that certain mods only work for certain versions of the game – though the descriptions and launcher will mostly keep you right. Check to make sure you’re downloading the right one for the version you intend to play.

Steam has a very healthy library of XCOM 2 mods, but you can also head on over to Nexus as well if you’d rather not use the Workshop.