Watch Dogs Legion initial review

Quick verdict

From our four hours of play, we can tell that Watch Dogs: Legion has great potential with a big idea that has been made remarkably simple to get to grips with. Recruitment of anyone, anywhere is not just a clever idea and sideshow, it can genuinely help you navigate the campaign missions in different ways. It’s all looking great so far.


  • A stunningly realised near-future version of London
  • The recruitment concept is a great original angle
  • Great graphics and colour palette

  • A fair few cringeworthy accents were heard during our demo period

Guard dogs has consistently had an entrancing reason – to have the option to hack and collaborate with each mechanical thing in the game world. In any case, the first neglected to include the good times.

The subsequent game was vastly improved, adding parody and mind to its astute idea – bringing about such a Mr Robot meets Silicon Valley. It likewise traded the dull and bleak Chicago for the beautiful and unconventional magnificence of San Francisco.

Presently we get something in the middle. Guard dogs: Legion is set this side of the lake, in old (new) London Town, and from our four hours play of a serious see construct, we can say it is neither as po-looked as the first title, nor funny as the principal continuation. It is additionally terrible and brilliant in equivalent measure. Gracious, and it is an appropriate cut of virtuoso as well.


Perhaps this is on the grounds that I’m a…

We played the most recent form over the cloud – such are simply the occasions we find in – so it’s difficult to say anything regarding execution at this stage. And keeping in mind that we endured a little edge dropout, because of Wi-Fi availability instead of source, we scarcely saw – such is the vivid idea of, what many will no uncertainty call ‘Guard dogs 3’.

Indeed, even from our successfully short measure of time with the game, it’s unmistakable exactly how gigantic it is. Just as the astounding idea of having the option to select and afterward play as any individual who strolls the roads, a huge cut of the UK’s capital is available to investigate. It’s likewise entirely unmistakable to each Londoner and, while there are clear and brassy modifications to keep things reasonable and playable, you will see more than false milestones to give you a feeling of area.


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The roads, asphalts, even signage and shading pallette are right on target, though with a somewhat modern hint – tech is a touch further developed and the city has been taken over by a security organization, Albion, that even the police power is obliged to.

Our solitary issue in this regard is that, during our experience with the game, it came down incessently. Presently, unexpectedly, it is bucketing down in the south of England as we compose this, however it doesn’t rain in the capital as regularly as depicted. All things considered, it gives Ubisoft an ideal chance to show some magnificent reflection impacts in the puddles, so we can’t generally whine.

Other than that, everything about the city appears to be all around made and we can hardly wait to investigate it completely. We basically simply adhered to missions and enrollment in our restricted time, so simply having a meander or drive will be one of the primary things we do when the last game comes in.

As it seemed to be, we basically observed areas that we needed to make a trip to for story or side missions. What’s more, overall, we quick headed out to each through the London Tube organization. You should simply choose a station on the huge guide and you show up in that station – that will be helpful without a doubt, when our desires for the travel industry are satisfied.


Having an air pocket

Marginally less exact are the accents you hear all through the game – in any event during our four hours’ worth. Apparently, Ubisoft feels that everybody in London either seems like the Queen or Danny Dyer, with next to no inbetween. You do become accustomed to it, however in case you’re not attached to the f-bomb, Guy Ritchie motion pictures or mockney appellations, you may think that its a touch all the more grinding.

English DedSec enlists specifically prefer to drop an unholy measure of swear words into their discourse, while foes – particularly those utilized by group supervisor Mary Kelley – have mouths like dockers (as our East End grandparents used to state).

It sets a nice scene however, and separates the game from its archetypes. Accents aside, there is something British about everything – with some sharp parodying of James Bond and other artistic figures of speech that will please fans.

We likewise snicker at the possibility that the huge open-world games playing crowd should become accustomed to driving on the left-hand roadside. It even foxed us a few times, taking into account how utilized we are at playing titles set in the States.

Get over ‘ere me old china

Past once in a while frowning at a dodgy piece of exchange conveyance and wondering about the landscape, we likewise embraced a lot of genuine missions – both story and enlistment.

The previous are very much organized and will take you through a serious choice of various destinations and even play styles. They are genuinely direct, despite the fact that you can move toward a large number of them in various manners – either through covertness (prudent) or by hurrying in firearms a’blazing. We discovered we began one way however before long wound up changing to the next after things perpetually went “tits up” – as our character at the time would without a doubt say.

Where Watch Dogs: Legion story missions contrast from other open-world games, notwithstanding, is that you can really plan for them heretofore, by selecting an alternate employable that is most appropriate to the undertaking. Also, that is the place the last mission types become something other than a cool thought.

State, for instance, you have to get into the Metropolitan Police base camp – as we did in our playthrough. You can do it as any DedSec employable. In any case, select a cop to the reason first and you’ll think that its a lot simpler to move beyond security and into the structure appropriate.

Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you have to save a fallen DedSec part who was shot or caught on a past mission, enroll a paramedic who can get into a medical clinic all the more without any problem.

Various volunteers and their various garbs will probably consistently prove to be useful some place down the line. They additionally have distinctive ranges of abilities, which you can see by examining them before you approach, so you can tailor your whole ongoing interaction experience as you go, regularly dependent on the style that suits you best. It’s a finesse game repairman that winds up eclipsing the hacking toolset extended from past Watch Dogs (for us, in any event) and something we expect you’ll invest as much energy on as the mission itself.


Changing the old whistle

Unquestionably enrollment missions are enjoyable. All you need to do to begin one is examine your objective, look at their aptitudes and afterward approach them. Some won’t be open to your advances from the start (demonstrated by a red symbol), however could be prevailed upon on the off chance that you play out a couple of assignments.

Others are more quick to join DedSec however will require a touch of help first. These little journeys can be as basic as conveying a bundle starting with one area then onto the next, up to numerous hacks required in vigorously secure areas. You don’t know which until you really draw in your objective unexpectedly and, obviously, you can simply leave.

You can likewise label somebody as a possible enroll and return to them later -, for example, when their profile could perfecty suit the following stage in the story.

Once enlisted, they remain in your group menu until called upon. You can either do this between missions, trading between them, or coercively when you have been captured, fundamentally harmed or even slaughtered. The game has permadeath, so an enrolled character can’t return on the off chance that they do meet a clingy end, however at any rate you would then be able to jump into the shoes of another.

Fortunately, that didn’t transpire. We got seriously harmed however, so went on a chase for a surgeon to get our past character out of emergency clinic. As it occurred, we were past the point of no return as down and out symbols return into the quarrel after a set time at any rate.

Just as the sheer fun of enlistment – our Ubisoft “overseer” needed to pleasantly recommend we quit enrolling “half of London” on the off chance that we needed to see a greater amount of the story – it’s extraordinary fun playing as profoundly various characters. This is such a takeoff from the standard open-world admission and positively extends incredibly upon GTA V’s three playable leads.


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It’ll likewise likely make your game experience entirely unexpected to somebody else’s. It may even expand replayability as you could wind up doing likewise mission with a youthful government agent like character one time, at that point an old granny another. We can hardly wait to discover for ourselves with the last game.


Initial introductions

We had an awesome time in our four hours with Watch Dogs: Legion. It has a commonality about it, with the past Watch Dogs and other open-world activity experiences immovably as a main priority, yet in addition feels like something new.

Some portion of that is the area, considering London has once in a while been highlighted in games previously (The Getaway and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate are remarkable special cases), however the enrollment idea is plainly the significant differentiator.

We’ll need to check whether it keeps up its draw over an any longer period, yet then the story missions appear to be balanced and fluctuated in any case to keep you completely locked in.

From what we’ve seen up until this point, move on 29 October and the game’s delivery on current age consoles and PC. It’ll at that point be accessible on Xbox Series X/S on 10 November, and PS5 when that comfort is delivered on 12 November in the US, 19 November in the UK and Europe.