Toshiba has quite recently reported the Camileo P100 as the substitution to its P30 pocket camcorder and we figured out how to find it in a dull corner at the producer’s ongoing item show for certain hands-on schedule.

Like its forerunner, the P100 sports a single handed grip plan that implies that while conservative, you despite everything get a sensibly estimated overlap out showcase to make it simpler to arrange and playback your shots. At 155g, the P100 is somewhat lighter than the P30, keeping up the pocket-accommodating certifications. The styling and configuration is practically indistinguishable from past Camileo models and there’s nothing amiss with that. Just as the equivalent smooth dark completion, with red and silver detail, the body is comfortable to hold, with a grippy furrowed completion within the handle. It additionally feels very much weighted, with the goal that it shouldn’t overbalance in your grasp.


Just as offering 1080p video catch, the P100 makes it simple to share your recording on account of the Camileo Upload button which will let you transfer legitimately to a scope of locales including YouTube, Facebook and Picasa.

The P100 offers 5x optical zoom for 1080p shooting and 8x for taking recordings at a lower goal of 720p. The HD video is caught by the 8MP CMOS sensor, and you’ll likewise have the option to take still photographs up to 16MB.


Capacity comes kindness of the SD card opening which will cook for SD, SDHC and SDXC up to 64 GB, so you ought to get many recordings added to your repertoire before you have to switch the card. The P100 incorporates another respite button with the goal that you can consolidate two clasps, as opposed to recording two separate recordings.

The catch design on the rear of the unit has likewise been given a makeover, with the entirety of the controls being anything but difficult to reach and in an intelligent spot. In spite of the reality the item test that we got our hands on was fairly ungracefully joined to a showcase remain by a security wire, we despite everything found that the catches were anything but difficult to find and use, even in the dimy-lit conditions. Like its forerunner, the P100 incorporates a scaled down USB and a small scale HDMI for attaching effectively to your PC or HD TV.

It was hard to tell how great the nature of the 3-inch LCD screen was as we were trying the P100 out in a faintly lit item lobby, yet the screen had all the earmarks of being entirely brilliant and sensibly clear on first examination. The realistic based onscreen UI bears all the signs of that found on past Camileo models, making it quite simple to explore around and to discover what you’re searching for without looking through such a large number of menu screens.

The P100 will be avalable in May and in spite of the fact that there’s no word on cost right now, we would anticipate that it should be around under £150. When we get a model in for survey we’ll have the option to reveal to you more about the picture quality and the shooting alternatives. Watch this space.