Quick verdictThis generation of gaming has played host to hundreds of remakes and remasters but few are as welcome as this lovingly-crafted collection. Developer Vicarious Visions has treated the first two Tony Hawk’s games with the respect and care they deserve, while tweaking and adding different elements to make them shine for a modern audience. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 revels in a time when gameplay was more important than anything else, yet ups the presentation ten-fold too.
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  • Superb remaster of two classics
  • Gameplay feels fresh even without much tweaking
  • Stunning new graphical presentation with HDR
  • Revels in its simplicity

  • Online multiplayer is a little basic and underdeveloped

A while ago when skateboarding was experiencing its second top as a social wonder, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater went along and knocked our socks off. It took the game past skateparks and stunt recordings, making aficionados of all of us.

Part of the PlayStation One unique’s intrigue was that, while it remunerated expertise and attempt, it was likewise simple to get and play as an amateur – its spin-off as well.

Both gave you a heap of skateparks to investigate, objectives to achieve and allow you to trick and stunt your way around them with stunningly straightforward controls. Furthermore, that is the equivalent here in this amazing revamp assortment.


Designer Vicarious Visions has caught precisely how the two games felt to amateurs in the last part of the 90s/mid 2000s, while likewise tidying them up for a cutting edge crowd while including a lot of additional items en route.

It’s such a fruitful exercise that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 won’t simply advance to old Hawks hacks like us and newcomers to the arrangement, it denotes a reboot for the establishment full stop. There will without a doubt be extra remasters or even a spic and span game after this. Imprint our words.

Park life

Back to this delivery now however, and it isn’t just a delight to return to an old companion (or two) yet feels like a new delivery for sure.

There are new deceives (lifted from later games in the arrangement), another test framework, online multiplayer, new skaters and an invigorated track rundown of new and unique troublemaker, rock and hip-bounce songs of praise. All on head of the current line-up. It makes for an exceptionally alluring bundle.



What you will find however is that, not normal for later Tony Hawk’s games, the reason is essential. There are 18 parks to skate on in the profession (skate visit) mode – nine from THPS and nine from THPS 2 – and movement is made by finishing a set number of objectives on each before the following one is opened.

These objectives extend from gathering letters or related things, to piling on colossal combo scores. Achieve enough of them and the following park opens.

It’s an extremely lone exercise as, dissimilar to Tony Hawk’s 4, you aren’t joined by non-player characters who give you missions. Rather, you make some set memories limit in each level to arrive at your objectives. On the off chance that you do at least one, they are blasted off the rundown and you can retry to get the others. That is basically it.

It’s fundamental stuff in the present principles, however the rush and replay esteem is in attempting to better your exhibition each time, or locate the more slippery collectables. What’s more, that is an addictive interest that put us directly back in the loose pants of 20 years prior – keeping awake to the early hours of every early daytime endeavoring to get longer combos or more great stunt sets.

Trial of character

On head of the set objectives, there are difficulties to finish that invigorate routinely, procuring you money to spend on tweaking your skater and different prizes. You can either play as one of the some genuine world (or dream) skaters on offer or make your own, with authorized rigging accessible from real clothing and board producers to put your own stamp on that person.


Your skater’s details can likewise be changed, with ability point pickups accessible in the skate visit parks. In fact, you before long understand that you have to alter them to get a portion of the trickier collectibles or combos, with returns to opened parks an unquestionable requirement to get 100 percent on each.

One really cool thing is that there is no microtransaction to be found – everything in the game is unlockable through play. That may have been the standard in ’99 however is something of an invite extraordinariness nowadays.

Just as money, you can acquire XP through the difficulties and level-up your skater. The higher your level, the more treats you open. Essentially, consistently you put into THSP 1 + 2 is compensations with plunder. Pleasant.

We are the modes

Just as advancing through the visit, you can likewise handle any of the preset parks in positioned meetings or just in free skate. That permits you to attempt parks without opening them first and set individual precedents – either with or without time limits. There are speed runs scores to accomplish as well.

Your general scores will likewise show up on a worldwide leaderboard for that course, so it gives you additional impetus to invest more energy and improve at pulling off expanded combos. Furthermore, on head of all that, you can likewise free skate in hand crafted parks, made by different players utilizing the included “make a recreation center” tool compartment.


It’s very comprehensive in the alternatives and things available to you and there are a few made by Vicarious Visions that you can attempt or even adjust to suit your own skate style.

The last game mode is multiplayer, which highlights both neighborhood and online play – with the last being another expansion as neither of the initial two games were associated. Truth be told, it’s not as completely included as we’d like and successfully just pitches you facing a modest bunch of online rivals in a grouping of various multiplayer coordinate sorts, in which players with the most noteworthy in each round take the success.

The game modes can likewise be played locally, and we’d have liked on the off chance that you could likewise pick between types online as well. We’ve generally had a craving for Horse, for instance, however you need to likewise skate through other apparently irregular modes before you can get to it.

All things considered, it’s a reward when contrasted and the firsts and not actually a major issue.

Picture great

What is more significant or, at any rate, more great is the introduction. While the game plays pretty much equivalent to it generally did – with ease and speed that doesn’t need a graduate degree in regulator control – the graphical redesign is tremendous. The game looks genuinely shocking.

Available in 4K HDR on systems that can handle it and 60fps, it is beautiful. Every asset has been remodelled and rebuilt in Unreal Engine to give a modern sheen to the entire experience.

It’s also worth considering that the originals were presented in 3:2 aspect ratio, while this has clearly been upgraded to 16:9 (for the console versions). We played on a PS4 Pro and were happy to stop sometimes to just take in the visuals.

The soundtrack too is immense, with new bands and songs added to some of the greats. We will never get tired of Anthrax’s cover of Bring The Noise or A Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It? booming out while we’re leaping over the blades of a helicopter. Resigning all the rights to the songs we remember was a must, and the new ones fit flawlessly.

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 isn’t the most complex game on the planet, but it’s certainly one of the most playable. Tricks are easy to pull off yet easy to master – a necessary combination for a game with longevity. It also remarkably suits the DualShock 4 (or Xbox One controller), even if it was original built with the direction pad rather than thumbsticks in mind.

It would have been nice if online multiplayer had been more fully fleshed out. And, if you’re the sort of person who prefers a long, involved story mode, this isn’t really for you.

But, Activision and Vicarious Visions has breathed new life into a long dormant series – one that we hope will now continue for some time to come.

THPS 1 + 2 unashamedly puts gameplay above all else and reminds us why we got into gaming in the first place. A re-masterpiece, you could say.