Risk of Rain 2 – How to unlock REX

Three new characters have been added to the high-octane shooty rogueliteΒ Risk of Rain 2Β since the last time we talked aboutΒ how to open each survivor, so it’s no time like the present we educate you concerning them. For this guide we’ll be taking a gander at REX, another character forΒ Risk of Rain 2. REX is a half-plant, half-robot symbiote that will in general damage itself by assaulting, however recuperate itself by doing harm. It’s not exactly as high-hazard/high-compensation as that may sound, and it can debilitate adversaries to decrease their development speed, protection, and harm. Not as extraordinary as a portion of different characters, yet a fun and valuable one to play. To open Rex, you need to beat the “Force Plant” challenge, which peruses: “Fix the wrecked robot with an Escape Pod’s Fuel Array.” Here’s the way to do that.

Unlocking REX with Power Plant

Risk of Rain 2 guide: How to unlock REX in Power Plant challenge Fuel ArrayThe Fuel Array is situated in an incubate on the rear of the Escape Pod you bring forth in.

Likewise with a large number of the others, thisΒ Risk of Rain 2 test is an awesome blend of straightforward and irritating. To begin with, you need to play as any character that begins in an Escape Pod β€” so no Acrid for you, I’m apprehensive (except if you’re in multiplayer, in any event). Whenever you’ve generated in on the main level, head over to the rear of the Escape Pod and you’ll have the option to remove the incubate and get the Fuel Array.

This is tricky for two reasons. To start with, the Fuel Array takes up your usable gear space, so your Q capacity will do nothing until you’ve finished this test. Furthermore, the Fuel Array will detonate and slaughter you in the event that you dip under around half wellbeing. Thusly, you’re adequately on a half-wellbeing run with no usable gear. Have a great time.

You need to make it to the Abyssal Depths, one of the two potential fourth stages. Similarly as with the Loader open, in the event that you end up getting Siren’s Call all things considered (the other conceivable fourth stage), you may very well need to restart instead of do a subsequent circle.

In the Abyssal Depths in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 guide: How to unlock REX in Power Plant challengeBasically use it on REX to finish this test and open the universally adored plant/robot crossover.

When you arrive at the Abyssal Depths with the Fuel Array close by, you need to head upwards. REX is standing fixed on one of the higher stages, and all you require to do to finish the test is approach it and utilize the Fuel Array. At that point the Power Plant challenge is finished.

There isn’t a lot of counsel I can give for this but to pick theΒ Risk of Rain 2Β survivor you’re best with. You can’t depend on having usable gear and can’t hazard taking a lot of harm, however past that you can go any way you like. You can go for versatility and evade assaults. Self-mending is likewise an alternative, or you can simply go for inside and out harm and attempt to execute things before they slaughter you. A blend of the three is likely generally advantageous, yet you can do this with practically any character contingent upon the drops you get. Obviously, you ought to have the option to do this test on Drizzle trouble on the off chance that you need to facilitate your torment while going for the open.

In case you’re hoping to open different survivors, you can look at ourΒ guide for the dispatch characters, or discover how to getΒ the LoaderΒ andΒ the AcridΒ on those pages separately. You can likewise investigate ourΒ Risk of Rain 2Β guide hubΒ for more data.