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A great camera that’s easy to use, combining lighting and video capture into one package. But there’s no lock on the battery compartment and you really need to pay for a subscription to get the most out of it.
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  • Easy to install
  • Two battery bays – lasts for potentially months
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa
  • Flexible features

  • No lock on the battery compartment
  • Subscription needed for video storage
  • No high dynamic range (HDR)

Ring is most popular for the Video Doorbell – and you don’t need to walk excessively far down any rural road to spot one of its gadgets prepared and holding back to welcome you at the front entryway.

Be that as it may, the organization likewise has a scope of camcorder gadgets, hoping to give security in a scope of various circumstances. While cameras are normal, matching those cameras with a significant degree of brightening is somewhat more one of a kind – and that is the thing that the Ring Spotlight Cam offers.

Plan and establishment

  • 126 x 69 x 76mm
  • Establishment unit included
  • Space for two batteries, one included

There are number of various forms of the Ring Spotlight Cam. There’s the Battery, which is the most straightforward to get to grasps with on the grounds that it doesn’t include any wiring; there’s the Wired form, which connects to a divider attachment just as a sunlight based adaptation; and in the US there’s likewise a Mount model which interfaces with existing security light wiring, so you can supplant standard lights with something more brilliant.

While the camera itself offers comparative usefulness over every unit, getting it introduced and arrangement is extraordinary.

The primary unit sees a focal camera with a wide-edge focal point flanked by ground-breaking LED illuminators down the sides. It’s a case shape with a ball-attachment mount on the back that clicks into the divider mount and is held set up with a section that is fixed with a hex screw.

On the base of the unit is a PIR movement locator, similar to you’ll discover on numerous other security lights, permitting it to identify movement over a wide scope of territories to trigger the lights and camera.

You get all that you have to mount it remembered for the case, including a bore for stone work, rawl attachments and screws for mounting. There’s even a reversible screwdriver in the pack. With everything gave, you essentially simply need the drill to penetrate the openings in the divider you’re mounting it on and you’re finished.


For those utilizing the Battery form, there’s a catch to deliver the base of the unit and gain admittance to the battery compartment. There’s no security on this, however, so while it’s anything but difficult to change the battery, it doesn’t screw shut, so anybody could take the battery out. In light of that you should mount it genuinely high on the divider, so a passing entrepreneur can’t simply take the battery out.

There is space for two batteries inside, albeit just one is given – so in the event that you need longer life between battery changes, at that point purchasing saves is constantly suggested. The battery life will rely particularly upon how much account and enlightening you’re asking the Spotlight Cam Battery to do – however we have about a month from a solitary battery.

We check 1,000s of costs on 1,000s of retailers to get you the most minimal new value we can discover. Pocket-build up may get a commission from these offers. Peruse more here.

A cell phone based understanding

  • Associate through application
  • Alexa viable

Before you secure the camera to the divider, it merits getting it associated utilizing the application. Having the gadget in your grasp is more advantageous through this cycle than if it’s mounted on an external divider.

In the event that you’re another client, at that point you’ll need to ensure you’re enlisted and have the application introduced on your telephone. At that point it’s a basic instance of interfacing another gadget by hitting the “set up a gadget” choice in the menu.

You’ll be provoked to examine the code inside the camera (another valid justification for doing this before it’s made sure about to the divider) before the camera heads out to attempt to associate with your Wi-Fi network. You may need to mess around and physically select the organization on your telephone, yet it was a reasonably torment free experience when we set it up.

In the event that you happen to have a Ring Chime Pro, which serves as a Wi-Fi extender, you can decide to interface with that as well. This should likewise be possible reflectively, so on the off chance that you arrangement the Cam and, at that point locate it’s out of range, you can include a Ring Chime Pro and move gadgets to that network.


When all associated, the application gives you different settings you can change, similar to the movement recognition territory, which is partitioned into thirds. This implies you can, for instance, forget about the edges if that happens to be your neighbor’s property, or a public pathway, or whatever else. You can likewise change the recurrence of movement alarms, set timetables (so if there are periods that you’re at home, you can ensure it doesn’t continually caution you) and you can add the light to gatherings.

Ring likewise dovetails into Amazon Alexa, so you can add the Ring Spotlight Cam to Groups or arrangement Routines to respond when certain things occur. On the off chance that you have an Echo Show you can likewise request to see your Ring camera – simply state “show me my nursery camera [or whatever you’ve named it]” and you’ll at that point see the live feed on the showcase. So there’s an incredible inclination of joining about Ring gadgets.

There’s likewise a work area application for Mac or PC, so you can get those cautions when you’re working – which is incredible for the individuals who may be wearing earphones and unfit to hear the doorbell. It’s more relevant to doorbells, normally.

Cautions and movement location

  • Adaptable choices
  • Light or no light

Dissimilar to the Ring Video Doorbell, there’s no physical trigger for the Spotlight Cam, for example nobody strolls up and presses a catch. Rather, the Spotlight Cam will identify movement day in and day out, day and night, and alarm you to that movement through your cell phone. That implies you can keep an ear on things that are going on – in spite of the fact that if it’s watching the rear of the house you’ll presumably need to set it on a timetable when the nursery is being used.

The movement location is delicate and it utilizes two frameworks: there’s the PIR sensor for the light trigger on the base of the unit; and IR illuminators giving night vision to the camera, so you don’t must have the lights fire up – it can catch video in night vision in the event that you need.

At the point when the movement recognition is set off, the Ring camera will start up and begin recording so you have a record of what set off that ready – despite the fact that you’ll require a Ring Protect plan in the event that you need anything over alarms and the livestream through the application.

We situated the Ring Spotlight Cam peering down the side of the house at the back and thought that it was enlightened out to around 10 meters – in spite of the fact that on the off chance that you need more prominent brightening over a more extensive region, at that point the Ring Floodlight Cam may be a superior choice. For the vast majority in normal home, we think this is abundant range.

What’s likewise noteworthy is that the Ring Spotlight Cam rushes to recognize movement, even at the edges of its noticeable region, so somebody drawing nearer from an edge is identified as well. Creatures will likewise set it off, in light of the fact that it’s distinguishing development as opposed to some AI framework recognizing subjects.

There’s likewise two-way sound, which will imply that you can have discussions. The speaker isn’t extraordinary, however, and there is a slight postponement so any discussion would be somewhat abandoned – yet on the off chance that you simply need to yell at somebody who’s in your nursery, at that point that is sufficiently simple. When the mic is turned on, the PIR likewise lights up in blue.

At that point there’s the alarm, a 110dB alert that can be set off physically and afterward runs for 30 seconds before stopping, or can be turned on/off physically. Around evening time this will truly alarm somebody (yourself included, if not expecting it when the feline runs outside), so it could be an extraordinary impediment.


Camera, quality and Ring Protect

  • 140 degree wide-point focal point
  • Ring Protect for capacity
  • 1080p video catch

The Ring Spotlight Cam has an extraordinary wide-point focal point on the front that will give you 140-degrees level and 78-degrees vertical catch, so it fits a great deal into see. There’s some twisting and obscuring towards the edges, however the vast majority of the edge is brilliant and clear, which is acceptable.

The nature of the video that it catches is incredible: in light it’s unmistakable and fresh with a reasonable parity of hues. In IR-enlightened the video has that somewhat spooky appearance to it, yet gives a strategy for catching movement in obscurity. Regardless of whether you utilize the light or not will rely upon what you’re attempting to do: accumulate confirm or stop interlopers.

Video caught with the flood lighting is quite acceptable as well, however drops in quality contrasted with sunshine catch – on the grounds that there’s less light around – yet it’s adequate to choose subtleties.

How you access the video is the place Ring’s membership plans become possibly the most important factor. As standard, you get notices, admittance to the live stream and the capacity to talk, however in the event that you need admittance to recordings sometime later, at that point you’ll require a Ring Protect Plan.

The Basic variant spreads one gadget and will allow you 60 days of video stockpiling in the cloud (or 30 days in the UK), which means you can take a quick trip and see the video caught when movement was recognized. This can be gotten to on your cell phone or tablet or through a program. With Ring Protect you additionally get a timetable so you can skim back and see things occurring, which is extraordinary.

However, on the off chance that you as of now have a Ring Video Doorbell, you probably use Ring Protect Basic for that (which is a sensible $3/£2.50 per month), yet the following alternative up is inclusion for boundless gadgets at $10/£8 every month. That leaves you feeling that one Ring gadget is incredible, however in case you’re going over that, you should bet everything and get loads of Ring gadgets to get the best an incentive from a Ring Protect Plus arrangement.

That leaves Ring with a slight drawback over certain contenders, as Arlo, that give you free week-long capacity in the cloud – in spite of the fact that the expense of Arlo cameras is higher.

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The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is easy to install and setup, delivering decent video capture with illumination. It acts as both an evidence gathering device and a deterrent device, thanks to that light and the addition of two-way communication and a siren.

We’ve found the performance to be good: the video captured is nice and clear, it quickly detects and alerts to motion, and the battery life has been good – although the lack of security on the battery bay is a concern.

While the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery comes in at a reasonable price, there will be ongoing costs to get the best from it. You’ll want a Ring Protect Plan if you want anything other than live access, and if you’ve get a Ring Video Doorbell already then it will start to become more costly running this system.

As a standalone device, however, it’s hard not to like the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. It does exactly what it says on the tin with minimal setup fuss.