Realme X50 5G review

Quick verdict

Realme undercuts the OnePlus Nord in terms of price – and does a fine job of delivering a compelling phone. It’s true that the camera could be better, and that there are little compromises in terms of design and display tech, but it’s unlikely you’ll find an all-round better phone than the X50 5G at this price.
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  • Very affordable price point
  • Speedy and fluid performance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast-charging tech
  • 120Hz refresh rate display


  • Camera results inconsistent

  • Doesn’t need a quad-camera system

  • LCD display not AMOLED

  • Side-mounted fingerprint sensor isn’t always quick

With the arrival of the OnePlus Nord, OnePlus got down to business building up and advertising its “first mid-run telephone”. Yet, it’s not by any means the only telephone around worth considering.

Realme – a sister organization of OnePlus and Oppo – has its own take, the X50 5G, which expenses even less. Maybe the world was Nord enough, eh? Hard for what it’s worth to reprimand it dependent on the spec sheet, does Realme’s exertion indicate a genuinely convincing moderate understanding?


Measurements: 163.8 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm/Weight: 195g

Glass front and back, plastic casing

Unique mark sensor in power button

In the course of recent years it’s gotten more hard for makers to create telephones that look remarkable. At a safe distance – beside shading decisions – there’s little to recognize one of those glass square shapes that we as a whole haul around in our pockets and totes. That turns out to be much to a greater degree a test when you’re essential for a group of cell phone brands – Oppo, OnePlus, Realme – each utilizing comparative sizes, shapes and materials. For Realme there’s in any event an endeavor here not to resemble a low-end OnePlus or Oppo telephone.

Size-wise, the X50 is discernibly greater than the OnePlus Nord and chunkier than the Find X2 Neo. It’s about 9mm thick – which is truly weighty for a cell phone, especially when joined with its very nearly 200 gram weight. Short form: the X50 5G is enormous.


To give it some visual intrigue, Realme has been up to its typical stunts of layering up various hues and completes in the glass on the back, and that implies the back can take on inconceivably extraordinary intelligent examples relying upon the edge you’re holding it and in what wellsprings of light. It’s this look gives the Realme its remarkable style point.

Notwithstanding its visual intrigue, the gleaming glass finish experiences severely unique mark smears. In the event that you to such an extent as consider contacting it, the sparkle is supplanted by an oily smear right away by any stretch of the imagination. Aside from that, the main thing significant on the back is the long pill-formed camera framework that contains four separate cameras. It’s a genuinely standard way to deal with camera structure, and distends a little from the rear of the telephone – yet in a manner that disrupts the parity.

The front of the X50 5G looks like most other current gadgets. That is to state it has thin bezels up the sides and a gap punch camera in the top corner. In this case, it’s a double camera arrangement which gobbles up somewhat more space than a solitary pattern would.

So where are the trade offs? In a telephone that costs under OnePlus’ now seriously estimated Nord, there must be a few, correct? That’s right. Fortunately, they’re generally very minor reductions on the plan side. For example, the jaw at the base of the presentation is thicker, which says all the more regarding the showcase board that Realme has figured out how to get in at this value point. Like the Nord, the X50 5G has a plastic edge, however not at all like the Nord there’s a physical unique mark sensor instead of an in-show one.


The sensor is mounted to the side of the telephone as a level key that additionally serves as the rest/wake/power button. Generally, it worked dependably in testing, with just the odd fizzle and inability to perceive a print. It positively appears to be more solid and reliable than a minimal effort in-show unique mark sensor.

All in all however, regardless of its size, weight and a couple of bargains in materials, the X50 has a consoling solidness about it. It’s a strong telephone.


6.57-inch LCD board, 120Hz revive rate

1080 x 2400 (Full HD+) goal

Realme UI, in view of Android 10

Another territory Realme bargains a little is with the presentation tech. The X50 5G utilizes a LCD board rather than AMOLED, which clarifies the absence of in-show unique mark sensor. Yet, don’t let that put you off.

In spite of having gained notoriety for being more unfortunate than OLED based screens, LCD is really decen, offering pleasant shading generation. Greens and blues are clear without being oversaturated. Whites are spotless, while blacks are sufficiently dim – regardless of whether you don’t get that equivalent inky dark feel you’d get from an AMOLED screen.


Be that as it may, the X50 5G’s screen isn’t the most brilliant on earth. Contrasted with the OnePlus Nord – while the Realme’s screen shows up cleaner – it’s simply no place close to as brilliant. However, in the event that you never observed them one next to the other, you wouldn’t see – at any rate not until you went outside in the tallness of summer when it’s splendid, so, all things considered it turns out to be difficult to peruse.

The X50 5G’s greatest draw, we believe, is the 120Hz invigorate rate. It empowers very smooth livelinesss inside the UI and means Realme gets the chance to exploit some dazzling live backdrops that vitalize with a perfection that is simply so satisfying to gaze at.

Past that, when you’re stuck into your games or mid-Netflix-gorge, the showcase holds up well. It’s moderately sharp, in spite of the fact that on the off chance that you look carefully you’ll see that a portion of the better subtleties aren’t exactly as fresh as you’d jump on a Quad HD board. All things considered, when you load up a YouTube video, or begin perusing through your photograph display, you’ll have little to grumble about here. Inasmuch as you’re inside.

Execution and battery

Snapdragon 765G processor

6GB/8GB RAM and 128GB/256GB capacity

4200mAh battery, 30W wired glimmer charging

The X50 5G runs on the inexorably famous Snapdragon 765 stage, so run it through some benchmarking tests and you’ll have the option to reveal to it is anything but a leader telephone. Be that as it may, use it everyday for your typical gaming, web-based media and perusing shenanigans and you won’t be frustrated. Nothing about its genuine exhibition discloses to you you’re utilizing a sub-premium telephone. Not except if you look carefully.

We’ve played various games and – separated from a portion of the designs seeming somewhat less sharp – the Realme X50 stays aware of basically everything. It’s smooth, quick and slack free. It doesn’t will in general get overheated under burden either, in spite of the fact that it’s significant that we weren’t utilizing it in a 5G territory thus couldn’t test how it fared with a 5G association.


The battery is fantastically productive when in reserve mode, so on the off chance that you leave the X50 lying as an afterthought for a considerable length of time at a time at that point you’re not going to locate an exhausted battery when you come back to it. Actually, it’ll easily simply sit for quite a long time at once in case you’re the kind of individual who doesn’t utilize your telephone all that much.

With moderate to hefty utilization, it’ll serenely endure the day and get you to sleep time without a perspiration. Contingent upon exactly the amount Mario Kart or Scrabble Go we played, we discovered some place around the 40 percent mark was typical for our common utilization with several hours gaming tossed in during the day.

On our lighter use days we discovered it was right around a two-day battery. Furthermore, with its quick charging capacities, we didn’t feel the need to connect it short-term either. It utilizes a similar 30W quick charging as the OnePlus Nord and other Oppo telephones, which implies only 30 minutes connected will get you around 70 percent of the battery topped off.


Quad camera framework

48MP f/1.8 essential (25mm equiv.)

8MP f/2.3 super wide (16mm equiv.)

2MP full scale and profundity sensors

Double 16MP and 2MP (profundity) selfie cameras

4K video at 30fps

On the off chance that there’s one rehashing dissatisfaction in the cell phone world in 2020 it’s telephones with a greater number of cameras than should be expected. The X50 5G tragically fits into that class. It has four cameras on the back – the essential camera is joined by a super wide camera and two low res sensors: one for profundity, the other for full scale – when the principle two would be satisfactory. There’s likewise not a single fax zoom in sight here.


In spite of not having a committed long range focal point, the camera interface permits you to switch between the super wide, 1x, 2x and 5x zoom sees. The last two of those utilization a computerized zoom on the essential camera’s sensor. That does unavoidably mean detail decreases when you zoom in – and things get very messy at the 5x mark.

In great sunlight, the essential camera can make average enough efforts. It appears to overprocess hues however, regularly leaving the picture a piece excessively soaked and contrasty. In the event that you get up near an article and center (without changing to picture mode) it can make a pleasant looking foundation obscure/bokeh impact, while holding beautiful hues, and even makes a respectable showing of night out features and shadows.

Changing to the super wide camera, we found that – while it was incredible having that more extensive field of view – the pictures appear to come out hazier a great deal of the time, and furthermore show up perceptibly less point by point and sharp. Given its less noteworthy 8-megapixel sensor and f/2.3 gap (versus 12-megapixel pictures and f/1.8 opening) that sounds good to a certain extent.

Concerning the selfie cameras, we were intrigued with results from the essential 32-megapixel sensor, more since we’re so used to selfie cameras being generally horrendous, particularly with regards to dynamic range. Shooting with a brilliant sky behind us, the front camera was equipped for utilizing high unique range (HDR) to keep our face sufficiently bright and still have a powerful sky, with no genuine overblowing/blanching in the mists.


In general, we’re in a similar pickle with the X50 5G as we were with the OnePlus Nord. On the off chance that costs must be spared in camera divisions, we’d much rather have seen Realme utilize a double camera framework with two similarly great cameras than one conventional camera joined by a not-as-great super wide and two other moderately silly sensors. We trust this pattern stops soon.


With the X50 5G, Realme is undermining the OnePlus Nord. For the cash it’s an extremely cultivated telephone that will serve you dependably throughout each and every day.

On the off chance that your essential point in purchasing a telephone is getting value for your money, at that point you’ll get a hell of a great deal of telephone here. The X50 is quick and can prop up the entire day without a cry.

The facts confirm that the camera could be better, and that there are little trade offs as far as plan and show tech, yet it’s improbable you’ll locate an overall preferable telephone over the Realme X50 5G at this cost.