Quick verdictIts low price point is what really appeals. It’s too early to have a verdict about the X3 NFC – but we’ll be updating this page to bring a full review in the near future.
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  • Low price point

  • Massive logo

We’ve had the Poco X3 NFC for a hot moment, so as opposed to pushing out supposition before we’re prepared to unveil the great and awful about this handset, we’ve arrangement a more straightforward picture-centered diagram of this second X arrangement handset to show up in 2020.

Poco, which is a branch of Xiaomi, propelled the X2 prior in 2020. The X3 NFC shows up after only a multi month hole, so it’s typically not an immensely extraordinary telephone to its ancestor.


Outwardly, be that as it may, there are various clear contrasts. Most importantly being that Poco needs you to realize this is a Poco – the tremendous promoted logo over the back makes no mystery of that. The X2 was far subtler in such manner and, in our view, looked better.

The survey test envisioned here is in the Cobalt Blue completion (the option is Shadow Gray), which has a brilliant tone to its appearance. It’s an absolute unique mark magnet, however, so we’ve needed to clean the back different occasions to make it look cleanish for these photos.

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We’ve gathered together the key highlights of the X3 NFC in a different element, so you can find the full detail in that article. Meanwhile revel in these first impression photos of the telephone. We’ll be bringing a full and significantly more intensive audit to this page soon.

  • Poco X3 NFC: Full spec and all that you have to know

Initial introductions

Where the Poco truly claims is with its asking cost. In the UK, where we have hold of this handset, the X3 NFC will retail for just Β£199 (€220/$260) from 17 September (on Amazon and Mi.com). Considering there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor and 6GB RAM in the engine, that is a truly low value point.