Pit of Heresy guide – Destiny 2

A complete walkthrough of the Pit of Heresy dungeon included with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

The Pit of Heresy is Destiny 2’s Hive-themed dungeon. This latest 3-person activity challenges players to dive below the surface of the Moon and take down an ancient evil. Our Pit of Heresy guide will cover each encounter in detail.

Pit of Heresy guide

The Pit of Heresy is one of Destiny 2’s most difficult bits of substance. There are a great deal of experiences, each with remarkable mechanics that expand upon each other coming full circle in the last battle. In spite of the fact that it is conceivable to solo immaculately, most players are no uncertainty more keen on first arrangement how to finish the prison.

Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy
Pit of Heresy has a recommended Power of 940, though each encounter will increase in difficulty up to roughly 980.

First of all, you will require toΒ unlock the Pit of Heresy prison. To do this, you should finish a short journey given to you by Eris Morn. Whenever this is finished, you can proceed onward to really beginning the action.

Before you start the Pit of Heresy, it’s a smart thought your fireteam is in any event Power 950. The later experiences arrive at 980 Power which can end up being a test if underprepared. Regarding weapon loadout,Β DivinityΒ andΒ Izanagi’s BurdenΒ are two astounding choices. It’s likewise worth doing theΒ Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun questΒ before you start, so you can finish it while you’re in the prison.

Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy Izanagi's Burden
Izanagi’s Burden makes light work of most minibosses in the Pit of Heresy dungeon.

Izanagi’s Burden will actually want to tear through the last supervisor’s wellbeing. Have one player change to Divinity when you run out of ammunition (or have it effectively prepared) and afterward use aΒ Grenade LauncherΒ to bargain a ton of harm.

Before you start, it’s a smart thought to guarantee your fireteam is in any event Power 950. A portion of the later experiences approach 980 Power, which can be a test to confront if underleveled. Consider doing some of theΒ Powerful stuff level activitiesΒ if you’re not exactly up to the proper Power.


The first encounter in the Pit of Heresy dungeon takes place in the Necropolis. This is a giant city-like structure on the side of a cliff. This encounter is pretty easy to understand, it just requires a bit of running around:

  1. Go into a room and look at the symbols on the chain
  2. Head outside and find these three symbols as giant holograms
  3. Enter each of these three rooms and defeat the minibosses within

The only way to damage each miniboss is by using a Hive Relic sword. These swords are dropped by the giant Knights patrolling the area. Be aware, these Knights are sometimes with an Ogre.

Pit of Heresy The Broken Blade
There are three Broken Blade minibosses, each with a different suffix. Use the sword to defeat each one.

The Relic sword has three unique moves: a light assault, a weighty assault that shoots out an energy impact, and a shield that diverts assaults. You should utilize each transition to bargain harm to the miniboss:

  • Defeat the Knight with the light attack
  • Defeat the Wizard with the ranged heavy attack
  • Defeat the Shrieker with the guard
Pit of Heresy Necropolis
The green light will guide you out of the first encounter in the Pit of Heresy.

When all three minibosses are defeated, each of the chains will break, and you can progress to the next area. Head out of the room you are in and look for the beam of light, it marks the way forward.

Tunnels of Despair

The Tunnels of Despair in the Pit of Heresy prison is a little experience that has players going through little buckles, murdering Knights, and opening entryways with circles. The means to finish this experience are as per the following:

  1. Enter the caves by shooting the webbing blocking the way
  2. Defeat the Heretical Knights in the caves and take its orb
  3. Use the orb to extinguish each of the three doors
Pit of Heresy Tunnels of Despair Heretical Knight
Defeat a Heretical Knight and take its orb to one of the three doors in the Tunnel of Despair.

While slaughtering the Knights and taking their spheres is adequately simple, the test comes from evading the Harrowing Pariah Ogres. Three of these Ogres watch the fundamental passages, bargain a ton of harm, and are totally powerful.

You should sneak around them or kite them away from your companions. Every one of the passages the Ogres watch end with an entryway. Stifle every one of the three ways to access the following experience.

Tunnels of Despair map
Credit toΒ Bloody-MandoΒ on Reddit for this map

Chamber of Suffering

The Chamber of Suffering battle in the Pit of Heresy prison will probably be the primary genuine advance up in trouble. For this experience, speed is of the pith as the more you stay, the more harm you will take. The real mechanics are somewhat basic:

  1. Stand on the plate below the Annihilator Totem to prevent it from killing your team
  2. Defeat the Heretical Knights that spawn and take their orbs
  3. Use six orbs to extinguish the door behind the Annihilator Totem
Pit of Heresy Chamber of Suffering
Each orb you dunk will remove one rune from the pillars. Dunk six orbs to clear the encounter and move on to the next area.

While it is adequately simple to murder the Knights and general adversaries, the test comes from remaining in one spot, drawing their consideration. The player on the Annihilator Totem will require help with crushing the foes and can likewise profit by a Warlock’s Well of Radiance for additional wellbeing.

Advancing through the experience makes Knights produce up high. These Knights ought to be centered promptly, as they will assault the plate. You ought to likewise utilize your Supers generously to clear any abundance foes.

As referenced above, time is of the embodiment. The more you stay, the more piles of the Curse of Suffering debuff you will accumulate. Each stack increment the measure of harm adversaries will arrangement to you. At 5x Curse of Suffering, you will be just around one-shot by most foes.

The Harrow

The Harrow encounter in the Pit of Heresy dungeon is similar in nature to the first encounter in the Necropolis. You must locate specific symbols around the map and defeat the enemies you find there.

  1. Locate the three symbols at the entrance of the area
  2. Find these symbols around the labyrinth
  3. Defeat the Malevolent Ritualist Wizard near the symbol to break a lock
  4. Break all three locks to complete the encounter
Pit of Heresy The Harrow
Take note of the three symbols. Find these symbols around the area and defeat the Malevolent Ritualists there to break a seal.

As you enter the area, you will see three symbols stuck to the side of the wall. These are the three symbols you must find in The Harrow. Use the map below to easily find where these symbols are located.

The Harrow map
Credit toΒ primo_pastafarianΒ on Reddit for this map

The genuine test of The Harrow will stay away from the gauntlet of traps and not tumbling to your demise. It’s additionally worth being cautious around the Wizards, they can dole out a ton of harm rapidly.

Zulmak, Instrument of Torment – Cradle of Damnation

Pit of Heresy Zulmak Instrument of Torment
Use the Relic swords to defeat all three minibosses in the towers, then use the orbs they drop in the pedestals. Damage Zulmak and repeat the process until he is defeated.

The Cradle of Damnation is the last territory in the Pit of Heresy prison. This experience is a battle against Zulmak, Instrument of Torment. You should apply all that you’ve done as such far to this experience to finish it:

  1. Defeat the Knights around the center and take their Relic swords
  2. Use the swords to defeat the three minibosses on the outside (Knight, Wizard, Shrieker)
  3. Take the three orbs to the center and extinguish the pedestal
  4. Stand in the center area and deal damage to Zulmak
  5. Leave the center area as Zulmak kneels to charge the crystal

Similar as the principal experience, start the battle against Zulmak, Instrument of Torment by crushing a Knight and taking his sword. Utilize this blade to overcome one of the minibosses in the pinnacles around the field. You should utilize the right blade move to overcome it:

  • Defeat the Knight with the light attack
  • Defeat the Wizard with the ranged heavy attack
  • Defeat the Shrieker with the guard
Pit of Heresy orbs extinguish
Take the orb to the pedestal and extinguish it. Do this for all three and the damage phase against Zulmak will begin.

At the point when the miniboss is vanquished, take the circle and use it to smother the platform in the middle. When each of the three spheres have been utilized, the harm stage will start.

You can possibly bargain harm to Zulmak when remaining in the middle field. After the harm stage closes, Zulmak will stoop and start charging the precious stone. At the point when the precious stone is completely energized, it will convey an impact of fire, executing anybody still in the field. Just advance outside of the circle before this occurs.

Managing harm to Zulmak will require a touch of coordination with your group. Guarantee everybody is in the correct spot before the last charge is quenched. From here, bunch up and utilize Izanagi’s Burden for a ton of harm, just as the Oppressive Darkness explosive buff from theΒ Gate Lord’s Eye curio. Another choice is for one player to utilize Divinity while the other two useΒ Grenade Launchers.

During the harm stage, Zulmak will in any case move around and assault. This supervisor has an amazingly incredible gone move that ought to be evaded. A line of fire will eject outward, finishing surrounded by nonstop fire harm. Move if this move hits you.

Pit of Heresy beat Zulmak
Once Zulmak is defeated, the Pit of Heresy dungeon will complete. You will receive the Sanguine Static emblem once it is finished.

Repeat the whole process until Zulmak, Instrument of Torment is defeated. Claim your rewards from the chest, check out your stats, and then go to Orbit. Congratulations, you’ve just completed the Pit of Heresy dungeon!

Our Pit of Heresy guide will be refreshed over the long run as new techniques are found. Until further notice however, it seems, by all accounts, to be a simpler prison to look than the Shattered Throne. Pause for a minute to investigate the ShacknewsΒ Destiny 2 complete methodology guideΒ for considerably more end-game substance walkthroughs and weapon tips.