Beloved Destiny 2

How to get Beloved – Destiny 2 Beloved is a powerful Sniper Rifle added to Destiny 2 in Season of Opulence, and for those competitive players out there, one definitely worth picking up. Beloved is wildly popular Sniper Rifle from Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence. For a lot of players, this is the ultimate special […]

Iron Banner

Iron Banner Season 13 quest guide – Destiny 2 A complete guide to the Iron Banner Season 13 quest, Saladin’s Gauntlet, in Destiny 2. Iron Banner is back again for Season 13 of Destiny 2 with a mission called Saladin’s Gauntlet. Master Saladin needs you to head into his uncommon adaptation of the Crucible again […]

Key Of Light And Darkness

Broken Awoken Talisman quest – Key of Light and Darkness – Destiny 2 A complete guide of the Broken Awoken Talisman quest in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Upon completing the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign, players will receive a Broken Awoken Talisman from Petra Venj as a reward for services renders – but it’s totally broken. Fixing […]

Nascent Dawn

All Nascent Dawn quest steps in Destiny 2 Every step of all Nascent Dawn quests received from Ana Bray. The Nascent Dawn chain of missions in Destiny 2 is a long form quest which rewards players with different versions of a Braytech Scout Rifle. Completing all the quest steps takes a lot of time, and […]

Small Rice Cake Destiny 2

What to do with the small rice cake in Destiny 2 Learn where to use the small rice cake that you found on the Moon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. A ton of players are beginning to discover little rice cakes in Destiny 2. This is quickly trailed by the inquiry, “How would I manage the […]

Black Armory Key Mold

Mysterious Box and Black Armory Key Quest – Destiny 2 Here’s how to complete each step required to unlock the Mysterious Box in the Black Armory Key Quest to get Izanagi’s Burden in Destiny 2. Now that the final forge has been unlocked in Destiny 2, players can start working on getting the final key […]

Pit Of Heresy

Pit of Heresy guide – Destiny 2 A complete walkthrough of the Pit of Heresy dungeon included with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. The Pit of Heresy is Destiny 2’s Hive-themed dungeon. This latest 3-person activity challenges players to dive below the surface of the Moon and take down an ancient evil. Our Pit of Heresy guide […]

Pain And Gain Destiny 2

Pain and Gain Exotic quest – Destiny 2 Complete the Pain and Gain Exotic quest in Destiny 2 to earn a free Riskrunner and its Exotic Catalyst. The Pain and Gain Exotic journey in Destiny 2 is an encounter that acquaints new players with the world and offers a great second for veterans. This is […]

Tribute Hall Triumphs

Destiny 2’s Tribute Hall: How to cheese and complete everything I volunteer as tribute. At the last part ofΒ Destiny 2’s subsequent year, Guardians will be offered admittance to the Tribute Hall. This world space found on Nessus is additionally indispensable to getting theΒ Bad Juju extraordinary. However, there is a genuinely long crush ahead, one that […]

Risk Of Rain 2 Rex

Risk of Rain 2 – How to unlock REX REX, the plant/robot hybrid, is a new character for Risk of Rain 2. Here’s how to complete the Power Plant challenge and unlock it. Three new characters have been added to the high-octane shooty rogueliteΒ Risk of Rain 2Β since the last time we talked aboutΒ how to open […]