Quick verdictOn the face of it, the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera is brilliant. If you want a no-fuss outdoor camera to keep a close watch on your home, then this camera is ideal. The combination of good quality camera, loud siren and decent floodlight makes it a useful security upgrade with no on-going monthly costs.
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Intelligent alerts system
  • No subscription costs
  • Multi-day recording and playback
  • Bright floodlight system
  • Loud siren

  • Notifications can be overpowering
  • Initial installation isn’t easy

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera is an improved variant of the organization’s past outside camera – and one that apparently offers everything.

It probably won’t be a lot to take a gander at, however this camera packs various highlights and structure features that make it well worth considering. Not least of which is the way that it accompanies no progressing month to month membership costs.

Are the specs and highlights sufficiently alone to make it beneficial possessing however? We’ve been letting the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera watch out for our home for half a month to discover.

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Design and setup

  • Sturdy aluminum shell with HZO security standard weatherproofing
  • Capacities at – 20° to 50°C (- 4° to 122° F)
  • Implicit 12W LED floodlight board
  • 105dB alarm

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera isn’t the most unobtrusive of cameras. It’s an enormous dark rectangular piece of aluminum, plastic and glass that stands apart a lot when mounted to your external divider. That is no terrible thing however, as this camera is plainly expected as an impediment just as a safety effort. The implicit ear-penetrating alarm and brilliant floodlight framework are a demonstration of that.



Starting setup isn’t really as simple as different cameras we’ve tried however. Get it out of the container and you’re welcomed with some wiring and the guidelines to supplant an outside light with the camera.

This probably won’t appear an excess of problem, however it implies you can’t just fitting it into an outer mains attachment or run a force link inside to set it up. You either must have the information to do it or recruit a circuit repairman – and in the event that you don’t as of now have an external light, at that point it’s significantly to a greater degree an issue.

When the establishment is finished however, the niggles an a lot littler as this is a fabulous brilliant home camera. At the point when it’s controlled on, you just pair it with the going with application for Apple or Android cell phones. That is anything but difficult to do too, as a QR code shows up in the application and you simply need to point your telephone’s screen at the camera. At that point you can change and modify the settings.

Settings and modes

  • Sunlight and infrared (IR) movement identification
  • Vehicle, individuals and creature discovery
  • Custom Alert Zones
  • Geofencing by means of GPS

Like most savvy home surveillance cameras, the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera incorporates an assortment of settings to modify the manner in which it works. At the point when it’s setup it will naturally catch film from inside the territory it’s pointing at and alert you by means of your telephone when something occurs.

Likewise with other brilliant home cameras, as standard, these notices can be a smidgen overpowering – however there are changes you can make to change that.


Right off the bat, you can set custom alarm zones. These are designated territories inside the camera’s field of view. That could be an entryway, back street, pathway or any region where an unwanted visitor may go to get into your home. This setting permits the camera to overlook different spots where your family may be or territories that would somehow be an interruption.

You can likewise modify the observing and recording settings to either decide to record and/or tell when individuals, vehicles, creatures or “other” are spotted inside the catch region. Tweaking these so you are just informed about individuals clearly decreases the quantity of notices you get. You can decide to overlook different things or essentially record them without advising. You may likewise set to just be told at specific hours, so you don’t get hassled when everybody is at home.

This camera catches film and stores it inside on a microSD card. It’s then downloadable by means of the application; you can likewise pick inside the application to spare it to your Dropbox record or individual FTP worker for care.

Film isn’t continually recorded on a timetable that can be gotten to for the aggregate of the day however. That is one territory of bargain, yet not really an issue. Rather accounts are set off when development is distinguished dependent on the settings you pick. So in the event that a feline, individual or vehicle comes into the camera’s sight, at that point it will trigger the chronicle.

You’ll see a symbol inside the application to disclose to you when that occurs, alongside a thumbnail of what has been recorded. Tap on those thumbnails and the video loads in an all the more effectively available window where you can watch it and download it if essential.

Video catch and capacity alternatives

  • 4MP video sensor with 100-degree field of video
  • Up to 1080p (Full HD) catch goal
  • 15m/50ft Night Vision recognition mode
  • Scrambled nearby stockpiling choices
  • 8x advanced zoom

Film caught by the camera is genuinely fair. The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera sports a 4-megapixel video sensor that is fit for catching Full HD/1080p video over its 100-degree field of view. This implies you get a pleasant wide point of your picked spot.


It’s important that the length of accounts differs relying upon how you’ve setup this camera. On the off chance that you set it to record everything, at that point you’ll before long run out of capacity – so, all things considered the camera apparently overwrites its inside stockpiling and continues recording on a moving premise. By and by, this generally implies you get a couple of days worth of chronicles you can get to. Except if you utilize the Dropbox or FTP choices obviously.

This outside keen home camera can record around evening time on account of its infrared night vision mode, yet you can likewise set it to enact the floodlight consequently when development is recognized as well.

Like the camera itself, the floodlight can be initiated when it spots individuals, pets, vehicles or other development. This is helpful for a few reasons.

Initially, you can utilize it as a straightforward light to enlighten the outside of your home when you need it (in the case of strolling to the vehicle or watering the nursery around evening time). Besides, it makes a decent obstacle for undesirable guests in the event that they’re unexpectedly lit up when they fly into view.

The other impediment comes as the underlying alarm. At the point when you get cautions on your telephone about an individual being identified you have the choice to click a fasten and actuate that alert. It’s high pitched and excruciating on the ears, yet luckily won’t randomly go off when a feline walks around your garden (well, except if you need it to).

Savvy home similarity

  • Apple Homekit viable
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Like other savvy home cameras, the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera is viable with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This gives you some fundamental voice controls to do different things, from a certain perspective. Despite the fact that we found the setup wasn’t actually simple or even proposed legitimately from the application.


It seems like all the more a trick than an essential aspect of the framework or an additional selling point, yet it is there in the event that you need to attempt it.

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The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera is extraordinary compared to other open air savvy home cameras we’ve seen. It’s easy to utilize, shrewd and effectively customisable.

The expansion of the floodlight, alarm and nearby stockpiling choices makes it competent and advantageous as well. Chronicles are acceptable quality, simple to access and easy to download. During our testing, the warnings framework appeared to be exact generally – except if you happen to make them wash hanging up in view which may get confused with an individual.

On the whole, this is an incredible camera for home security with no on-going membership costs being a significant reward. It’s a touch expensive, yet advantageous for the insurance and accommodation that it offers.