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In case you’re searching for a fan with genuine wind current, calm activity and parcels settings and helpful modes, the Meaco 1056P platform air circulator is a noteworthy piece of pack.

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By and large exceptionally calm

12 degrees of yield force

Even/vertical wavering

Controller included

LCD show and on-base controls

Valuable methods of activity


No application based control

Included far off doesn’t light up

Force link somewhat short

It’s a somewhat huge unit

Commotion gets from level 7

While cooling is standard in the USA and all through quite a bit of Asia, in Europe it isn’t. So when there’s a warmth wave and it feels like your inner organs are liquefying, it’s presumably an ideal opportunity to proceed to purchase a fan. An extraordinary modest old fan, however, why not attempt an ‘air circulator’ – as Meaco likes to call it.

The Meaco 1056P is a platform adaptation of its work area rendition – subsequently the ‘P’ toward the finish of the name – which means it includes a movable stem for ideal tallness situating inside a room. Furthermore, as this current unit’s head can sway evenly and vertically – each being exclusively controlled however you see fit it’s intended to move the air through and around an entire space to help chill it off.

Meaco’s allure is that it doesn’t cost eye-watering sums like, say, Dyson cooling items. Simultaneously it’s not modest by any measure. So does the 1056P locate that sweet spot of cooling flawlessness to cost? We’ve been living with one, day and night, to attempt to remain cool.


Head estimation: 320 x 339mm

Flexible stature: 820-955mm

Weight: 4.7kg

This is definitely not a little fan. You wouldn’t put it on a work area. Be that as it may, it can settle into the side of a room subtly enough. It’s all-white, all fairly plasticky, yet in any event you comprehend what’s in store. It’s solid, as well, while a calfskin like get handle highlights up top to help truck it about when repositioning from space to room.


Tallness astute the platform sees the head of the head sit at 82cm from floor stature, which can ascend to about 96cm. In the event that it’s set to pivot through vertical motions, at that point it’ll require somewhat more head room than that.

We’d really like the platform’s expansion to be somewhat taller to help position it, state, over the backs of couches and such like. Such a plan may have been too awkward to be doable. In any case, for situating close to a bed it’s a perfect stature.


Having a detached fan implies you can put it anyplace inside a room – well, you can, on the off chance that you purchase an expansion link, as the gave power link is fairly short (it estimates 145cm according to our observation – not short, just not long enough to wander it around furniture and shroud the link away).


Attractive controller remembered for box

LCD show (light can be separated)

Modes: Eco, Sleep, Normal, Natural

Clock (on/off) 1-12 hours

12 fan speed settings

Here’s the place the Meaco shows its value contrasted with essential fans. Switch the 1056P on and it’ll disclose to you the inside room temperature on its base presentation (the light can be turned off for night use). That temperature can assist you with choosing which setting to pick – as there are 12 stages of fan course, extending from unpretentious to impressive.


There are likewise different modes. Rest will begin the fan at a higher setting and afterward work down into calmer settings like clockwork for the duration of the night until it’s at base level 1. Eco will watch out for the surrounding room temperature and auto-alter the fan speed as needs be to look after it. Common will vary between fan rates to attempt to recreate a more wind-like breeze to assist you with feeling cooler.

In any case, there’s no extravagant application to order the 1056P. You’ll need to put that telephone down and utilize the included attractive far off regulator.

This circular disc is easy enough to understand and will make any adjustment the fan is capable of doing through its on-base controls. The control then lives in the centre of the fan’s head, to help you avoid losing it. We do wish the buttons illuminated – even glow-in-the-dark would be good – to help with seeing the controls at night. If you do lose this control then all the settings are available on the pedestal’s base, so you’ll always be able to control this fan to its fullest.


  • Individual horizontal/vertical oscillation
  • 20-60dB volume (claimed)
  • 1653mΒ³/hour max airflow
  • 4m/s max air velocity

We suspect many will use the normal mode and choose a fan speed of their preference. The Meaco is static by default – but there are two individual buttons to control horizontal/vertical oscillation paths. You can have either one active, or both to give more circulation around the room. It’s also possible to adjust the vertical height, set it static, then continue a raised horizontal oscillation, for example. In short: you should be able to get this fan to position just as you want.


Perhaps the most standout feature of the Meaco 1056P, however, is its quiet operation. Meaco claims 20 decibels at its lowest level, which is whisper quiet. We think it’s a little louder than than – after all, fans aren’t going to beΒ silentΒ – but it’s still a very, very quiet fan for the amount of power it can output.

Crank the settings up a bit and, sure, there’s some more noise. But we can sleep with it at level 6 no problems; move it to level 8 and the volume jumps up – but then so does the power output.

Besides, Meaco’s fan is a lot quieter than an equivalent Dyson Hot + Cool – and about on par when at its maximum fan level 12 setting. It’s also not far off a quarter of the price, which we think makes the Meaco much better value. And while one of Dyson’s big sells is bladeless fans, so you can’t damage your fingers, the Meaco’s exclosure is tucked away well enough to avoid any potential harm.




Note that the Meaco isn’t an air conditioner or purifier though. It doesn’t push air through a filter to aid with allergies like the Dyson does. It doesn’t condense air and cool it. It’s just a big and fancy fan that does a great job circulating airflow as you need it.

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If you’re looking for a fan with serious airflow, quiet operation and lots settings and useful modes, the Meaco 1056P pedestal air circulator is an impressive bit of kit.

It might not have the brand name or design aesthetic of a certain Dyson competitor, but the Meaco is the quieter operator, can circulate more than 30 per cent more per hour compared to a Hot + Cool, and won’t cost you nearly as much either.