LG OLED CX 4K TV review
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Oustanding picture performance – which, let’s face it, is the most important thing) -makes the latest ‘entry-level’ LG OLED range every bit as worthy as those that have gone before it. It’s a stunning screen.
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  • Corking 4K picture quality
  • Caters most HDR formats
  • Great operating system
  • Good upscaling
  • Rapid gaming response

  • No UK catch-up TV services (2021 predicted)
  • No HDR10+ decoding

Each demonstration has its Greatest Hit, the genuine group pleaser they use as a subsequent reprise. With LG for the last seven or eight years, its Greatest Hit has been its scope of section level/reasonable OLED TVs.

Furthermore, we definitely realize that will be the situation in 2020, as well. All things considered, when we checked on the 65-inch LG OLED65GX – the ‘GX’ is more for divider mounting than this ‘CX’ model – the organization revealed to us essentially straight: the main distinction between the GX and the CX ranges is the sound exhibit and the structure factor.

There’s a value contrast, as well, obviously. Since to make 2020’s Greatest Hit much even more a telephone light noticeable all around singalong, LG has figured out how to get the CX extend for somewhat less than the higher-up-the-positions ‘C9’ comparable cost this time a year ago.

Clearly, the organization has its fingers crossed that this will be sufficient. A moderately reasonable OLED TV from one of the recognized class-pioneers isn’t to be sniffed at. So how can it stack up?

LG OLED55CX6LA: Design

Measurements (55in): 706 x 1,228 x 47mm/Weight (55in): 18.9kg

Associations: 4x HDMI, 3x USB, 2x tuner, CI card, advanced optical, 3.5mm simple

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0

Part of what makes LG’s GX scope of OLED TVs so pleasant from a decorator’s perspective is the steady sub-2cm profundity of the edge. All the more ordinarily, OLED TVs will in general be extraordinarily thin, directly until the second they become enlarged with gadgets, information sources, speakers and what-have-you.


What’s more, sufficiently certain, that is what’s occurred with the CX go. Generally, this 55-inch adaptation is remarkably thin – only two or three millimeters thick. Indeed, that is the main 60 percent or thereabouts – the last 40 percent is jumping on for 5cm profound, on the grounds that a TV needs to keep its equipment some place. Be that as it may, regardless of how thin the remainder of the LG OLED55CX is, in the event that you need to balance it on the divider, at that point it will sit 5cm pleased.

You don’t need to place in on a divider, obviously. In contrast to the GX, the CX is provided with a wide, shallow stand that makes the screen an) entirely steady when remaining on a surface and b) difficult to fit a soundbar underneath.

In each other regard, the structure of the LG CX is actually what you need from your new TV: a ton of screen and next to no bezel. Everything is fitted together pleasantly, with not a sharp edge or pointy corner to be felt, nor creaky plastic to be heard.

LG OLED65CX6LA: Features

-High unique range: HLG, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ

-40W of sound force

-Producer Mode

There’s no HDR10+ dynamic metadata similarity here for high powerful range (HDR) content, on the grounds that LG and That Other Korean TV Company despite everything can’t play pleasantly. Yet, in each other regard, the OLED55CX is completely stacked – and despite the fact that the rundown of highlights is truly long, there is certainly not a pointless thing on there.


HDR is secured by telecaster’s most loved HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The CX is pressing Dolby Vision IQ, as well – which is fundamentally Dolby Vision-standard HDR with some bespoke on-the-fly fettling, contingent upon the data got by the screen’s coordinated light sensor.

Getting data into the LG CX in any case is sufficiently clear. There are four HDMI contributions here, one of which is eARC empowered and every one of the four of which can deal with 4K content at 120Hz in 10bit HDR.

-What is HDMI eARC? For what reason is it diverse to HDMI ARC?

This is as huge to those of utilization who are jerking with fervor at the idea of their cutting edge games reassure – hi PS5 and Xbox Series X – as the LG’s capacity with ALLM (auto low dormancy mode), VRR (variable revive rate), FreeSync, and HGiG HDR tone-planning is. In case you’re continuing gaming highest in your psyche while choosing another TV, this determination alone may have influenced the situation in the LG’s courtesy. Include a reaction time (in Game method) of around 13ms and the arrangement may as of now be fixed.

In any case, for all of us, there are likewise three USB inputs, an Ethernet attachment, elevated posts for earthly and satellite TV tuners, a CI card space and, on the remote side, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 network. Yields hurry to a computerized optical attachment and a 3.5mm line-level simple yield.


When the data is ready, there are numerous quantities of picture presets with which to see it. And keeping in mind that it may not be the most amazing (LG’s ISF Expert choices are presumably the best), Filmmaker Mode surely has the most noteworthy picture preset profile. Intensely followed at CES 2020 and with numerous a filmmaking heavyweight supporting its adequacy, the mode is intended to vanquish all the sharp picture preparing the LG’s Alpha 9 (Gen 3) motor applies and rather convey pictures the manner in which the creator expected.

What is Filmmaker Mode and for what reason does it make a difference?

To the extent sound goes, the LG is outfitted with a few full-go drivers and something a hopefully portrayed ‘subwoofer’. This, as per LG, is a ‘2.2’ course of action, driven by an aggregate of 40W of intensity.

LG OLED77CX6LA: Interface

-webOS interface

‘-Enchantment’ Bluetooth distant

-No UK make up for lost time applications (yet)

-Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Everything that is splendid about the interface to LG’s 2020 scopes of TV is here in the CX, as is everything that is somewhat peculiar.

The splendid rundown is somewhat more, fortunately, so how about we start there. LG’s webOS interface stays one of the cleanest and most clear encounters around, and here it’s as consistent and sound as could be. The arrangement menus might be on the Labyrinthine side, yet in each other regard the LG is a model of effortlessness. Also, it’s stacked with web-based feature applications, both incredible and little – for each Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+, you’ve admittance to twelve you’ve probably never known about.

webOS is explored utilizing either the point-and-snap Magic Bluetooth-controlled controller – which makes entering email addresses and such a considerably less anguishing experience than with a customary controller – or voice control. There’s a mic button on the far off handset, which summons either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant – and the screen itself highlights incorporated far-field mics into which you can give guidelines to any of LG’s ThinQ AI parts you may have on the system.

What you can’t do, however, either with the controller or your voice, is gather any UK TV get up to speed programming. In a stunning accomplishment of corporate carelessness, LG and Freeview neglected to agree in an ideal opportunity for iPlayer, All4 and all the rest to be remembered for webOS for 2020. Not incredible for UK buyers. The two players are unyielding this will be corrected for 2021, and meanwhile LG is haggling with singular telecasters to get its applications transferred… yet at the hour of distributing this audit it’s no dice.

LG OLED55CX: Picture quality

Where to begin with a 4K HDR OLED TV? With some 4K HDR content, obviously! Stacking the Dolby Vision-driven Marriage Story on Netflix and it doesn’t take long for the LG’s specific gifts to go to the front.


Obviously, there’s that undeniable OLED darkness – having the option to turn an individual pixel right off outcomes not just in the most profound, haziest dark tones in TV-land, yet additionally permits such a nuance of shade, tone and degree that is altogether past a LCD elective.

The LG CX has a lot of this range, and its delightfully nuanced dark tones sit effectively close by splendid, point by point and clean white tones. Subsequently differentiates are solid and persuading, and the CX is able to do genuine dynamism with regards to putting dim, data rich dark tones on a similar screen as fresh, punchy whites.

The HDR-helped shading palette is also amazing. There’s a sort of easygoing rightness to the manner in which the LG portrays hues, a no biggie expectation that talks about genuine skill. Clear when they should be, inconspicuous in the correct conditions, however continually persuading and consistently stacked with detail. This degree of subtlety is in no way, shape or form a given in TVs at any cost, and it implies the CX is pleasant similarly that watching out of the window to see the outside world is charming.

In each other significant regard the LG is similarly amazing. It recovers an enormous measure of detail, regardless of whether from skin-tones or from the surfaces of materials. It draws edges with outright sureness, giving pictures genuine profundity of field. What’s more, it grasps onto the complexities of even the most confounded examples with total confirmation – so regardless of whether one of the on-screen characters appears in a plaid skirt, there’s no fretfulness of vulnerability in the manner in which the LG depicts the example.

About the main territory where the CX doesn’t perform without breaking a sweat is movement following – and, and still, at the end of the day, a second or two went through with the (broad) arrangement menus is sufficient to get the LG looking great. Amusingly, Filmmaker Mode doesn’t help on-screen development – so canister it off for LG’s Cinema Clear other option and the CX’s movement becomes as smooth as something as of late cleaned.

You need to step down in source quality a significant long approach to bother the LG CX. Like the LG 65NANO906 LCD TV we surveyed, the OLED55CX is equipped for taking a 1080p Blu-beam or high-def TV broadcast and forcing itself on it – so detail levels, contrasts, shading devotion and movement dealing with all dazzle.


Not at all like the LG LCD TV, however, this OLED doesn’t surrender the apparition with lower-spec content. It accomplishes sure work with the lowly goal of a DVD plate and, truth be told, you need to go right down to some standard-definition behind closed doors communicates before the CX holds its hands up. What’s more, and still, at the end of the day, it battles against plain delicate quality and movement obscuring to an honorable degree.

A switch of source to a Sony PlayStation 4 uncovers the LG to be an extraordinary games screen in the present time and place, just as pressing all that stuff the PlayStation 5 (and the Xbox Series X) will flourish with. Stick it in Game mode and there’s next to no drop-off in any of the basic stuff – hues stay energetic, movement is grasped fanatically, and contrasts remain solid. Also, obviously, there’s that sub-15ms inactivity – a number which will turn out to be even lower with a cutting edge support.

LG OLED65CX: Sound quality

Recently there have been a lot of TVs that sound rather flimsy. The LG CX is tolerable, however don’t expect a monster soundstage here.

It’s a serious unique entertainer by the guidelines of OLED TVs, with a motion towards low-end nearness and a pleasant equalization to the recurrence extend it’s equipped for depicting. It’s sensibly far reaching, as well, and there’s a reasonable measure of accentuation given to the midrange.

None of which implies it’s a counterpart for a half-better than average soundbar however – and keeping in mind that the screen sits so low on its remain there’s no place clear to put a soundbar, you shouldn’t let that put you off. Not on the off chance that you need the sound quality to do legitimate equity to the LG’s image quality, at any rate.


Did you ever question LG’s aptitude with regards to OLED TVs? The CX is a straight-up incredible TV, with a flat out pile of positives with regards to picture execution.

The splendid webOS likewise goes a serious separation towards telling you you’ve settled on a savvy decision (except if you like to watch UK TV at whatever point you feel like it, in fact, as there aren’t get up to speed applications until 2021).

To the extent Greatest Hits go, the LG CX has the right to join LG’s set-list.