Quick verdict

This all-electric SUV has got plenty of pep and its near-to-200-mile range is solid. The updated tech is a welcome step forward – yay for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – although the mix of old and new isn’t class-leading, despite an exterior design aesthetic that says otherwise. What’s going to really appeal about this Lexus, though, is that it’s a B-segment SUV – and with little else all-electric to directly compete in this segment, it’ll tick the right boxes for certain early adopters.


  • Adds Android Auto / Apple CarPlay – the tech is now usable
  • Speedy acceleration and brisk on the road
  • Workable 200 miles range
  • Gets a head start over the impending EV SUV segment

  • That tech trackpad is still fiddly to use
  • Sub 200 miles range – you can get more elsewhere
  • Impending competition in this EV SUV segment
  • Not all-wheel drive – high torque means it can slip around

The infant of the Lexus SUV range, the UX – which we previously investigated at discharge in 2019 – presently has another and all-electric face in the pretense of the Lexus UX300e.

In reality, it’s one of the main B-fragment SUVs to move off any EV creation line, giving it a head start against some genuinely impressive likely contenders -, for example, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and approaching Tesla Model Y (the last around 2022).

Not just that, Lexus is modernizing, at this point carrying Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its in-vehicle framework, which means the tech arrangement is famously more usable.

Yet, even with this progression forward, the head start off the beginning line, and the SUV market going solid, does the UX300e make a genuinely convincing case given its reach and asking cost?


Eye-getting plan

In its all-electric structure the UX300e has a larger number of points and balance than the prior UX250h, giving it additional sharpness and eye-getting looks. A couple of years back we imagined that Lexus’ plan was whacky, however as its vehicles are seen more on the streets we presently think that its fitting and cutting edge.

Similarly as we said of the previous UX: “There are a lot of focuses to appreciate: the back lights overflow hello tech, interfacing together in a full-width strip; the auto-enlightening front LED lights kick without hesitation dependent on surrounding light levels and give the agressive front a considerably more ready position; at that point there’s that colossal front grille that nearly folds over the front, which is not normal for whatever else available.” All focuses that absolutely help set this current SUV’s fashion awareness apart from one more BMW or Audi high-rider.

Sat steering the ship and the Lexus UX300e is an entirely agreeable spot to be – if not marginally off-kilter in method of this audit, being an European-sourced left-hand-drive vehicle driven on UK streets. All things considered, these seats were magnificently agreeable and the back space is sensible for extra travelers.

Within the completion is nice, despite the fact that with a passage cost of nearly £41,000 in the UK (€43,900), you can discover better somewhere else. Indeed, there’s some extravagant on-run sewing and delicate touch covers, however there’s a reasonable piece of plastic in plain view as well. A couple of additional terrific and you’re into Polestar 2 region – in this way, for correlation, regardless of being distinctive vehicle types, there will be a great deal of inquiries on forthcoming purchasers’ psyches.

That cost can just increment, with two pack choices: Premium Plus (£/€3,500), which includes cowhide upholstery, keyless section, security glass, warmed and ventilated front seats (in addition to warmed backs and controlling wheel), remote charger; and Takumi (£/€9,600), which includes the entirety of that in addition to LED lights with versatile bar, vulnerable side screen, back cross traffic ready, 360 degree all encompassing perspective, head-up show (HUD), 10.3-inch route, and 13-speaker Mark Levinson encompass framework (which sounds super), and a sunroof.

In the event that you go full Takumi, at that point the asking cost is £/€53,500, which is then particularly in the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 (with Performance Pack) ballpark. We realize which we’d pick.

Slip-and-slide electric ride

While the main UX was a mellow half breed with restricted battery gains, the UX300e is a completely extraordinary monster that is totally reliant on battery charge to get you from A to B. Lexus thought about exactly how much battery to plonk into the base of this SUV, selecting a 196 mile range for each charge result – there was space for more battery, however the expenses and relative additions wouldn’t fit to most clients’ driving needs, Lexus lets us know.

Thus, all things considered, you can presumably get a strong 170 miles out of the UX300e if it’s topped up for the time being. What’s more, relatively few individuals need to stress over a 85 mile drive every day. On the off chance that you do, at that point, well, an early-entryways electric vehicle actually presumably isn’t what you ought to purchase at any rate. Accomplish all the more short jump drives – and the normal is supposed to be 15 miles every way – and that is a full working week ticked off with no tension (dissimilar to in a Honda e, where that reach is generally half once more).

Having a battery implies included weight however. Furthermore, having an all-electric engine implies higher force – which is incredible for overwhelms and a scramble of speed in any event, when going at pace as of now. Notwithstanding, join that weight and that force into a front-wheel-drive setup – there’s no other drivetrain choice for the UX300e – and a weighty foot will see it slip around as those front wheels turn. The vehicle can advise, it lets you know so with foothold notice, yet it’s not for the weighty footed – spare that for the higher paces.

We drove the UX300e across different B-streets in the UK and thought that it was totally relaxed more often than not, absent a lot of commotion to stress over – which is regularly Lexus, truly, and exactly what you would anticipate. A diversion for a snappy spot of noon shopping saw us take two or three motorways, where that electric enthusiasm truly makes its mark. Speed up, notwithstanding, and you’ll be depleting the battery speedier – which will diminish range potential. Such is the route with EV driving. All things considered, the EV adaptation is definitely more energizing than the CVT gearbox of the first UX.


Client experience on the up

So it’s truly agreeable to be in, it conveys a lot of enthusiasm, and there’s a reasonable completion remembered for the cost (overlooking the in with no reservations Takumi pack, which is a great deal of additional money). This is ordinarily the aspect of the audit where we go on at Lexus for having a near on unusable tech arrangement.

However, stand by, it’s 2020 and Lexus is progressing with the occasions. Plug a telephone in and you can have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay assume control over, giving a usable satnav framework – in spite of the fact that we had issues in this present vehicle’s variant arrangement with Android Auto – and simple approach to play your tunes through, state, Spotify.

Notwithstanding, while this is a stage forward, there’s as yet the Lexus heritage physical interface – which resembles a little mousemat and sets aside a great deal of effort to become acclimated to utilizing. On the off chance that you believe you’re getting touchscreen controls, at that point reconsider, that is not the course that Lexus is taking as of now as expected.

Not that we mind: a more exemplary arrangement without unique mark spreads everywhere on the screens keeps things perfect. We’re energetic about the UX’s board of physical catches beneath the scramble, offering controls for atmosphere and then some. That is one region where different creators – Audi being one specific model – have gone over the edge by covering such settings into touchscreens. The Lexus approach is more straightforward, more tacticle.

We’re additionally attached to the computerized driver screen, which is utilized to show driving data, speedometer, etc. It’s a peculiarity that Lexus adheres to a mechanical fuel gague here, however, in spite of being an electric vehicle. We would prefer to have more itemized range expectations in miles written before us, changing continuously, to give a more prominent feeling of exactness and reach.

Future electric vehicles: Upcoming battery-fueled vehicles that will be on the streets inside the following 5 years

Generally speaking, at that point, the Lexus UX300e is a stage forward in the tech office – however it’s still not class-driving in this classification using any and all means. Also, when Polestar is pushing its all-Google arrangement – which is somewhat astonishing – there’s still excessively much analysis here for a future-confronting vehicle type.



We’re truly satisfied that Lexus is at last venturing up in the tech division with the incorporation of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making the UX300e a vehicle that you could in reality live with everyday, without the tech interface making you insane excessively fast. Despite the fact that this general arrangement – no touchscreens and a blend of the old and the new – still feels fairly old-fashioned in what is such a future-confronting vehicle.

In the event that you need to go all-electric, in any case, at that point other high-ride choices are rare at the present time. There’s the less energizing Peugeot e-2008, or the less expensive Kona Electric. Stand by and the Ford Mustang Mach-E could have some allure – despite the fact that it seems like a perfect inverse to this Lexus as far as plan language. Or on the other hand sit at a lower ride stature, forego a portion of your travelers’ solaces and, for a knot more money, there’s the Tesla Model 3 or Polestar 2.

What will truly bid about the Lexus UX300e is, just, that it’s a B-portion SUV. These sorts of vehicles are very famous right now given that it is so natural to situate four or five individuals. As an EV it has a lot of kick and the close to-200-mile range is strong for a vehicle of this sort. The entirety of that may very well make it an ideal counterpart for an EV early adopter.