Quick verdict

Lexus’ soft-top feels special both inside and out. Hit the road with the sunshine on your neck, the wind in your hair, and the sound of that naturally aspirated 5-litre V8 engine and there’s really nothing else quite like it. Plus it finally has a tech setup that’s usable thanks to Android Auto / Apple CarPlay. It could well be the last of a dying breed given that engine – but if that’s the case then it’s all the more reason to savour it.


  • Naturally aspirated V8 packs great-sounding wallop – and it’s fun on the road
  • Android Auto & Apple CarPlay means the in-car tech is finally usable!
  • Plush and super-comfortable interior
  • Looks really elegant with the top down

  • Still not in love with some of the in-car controls and infotainment
  • Not exactly economical

At the point when we previously got in the driver’s seat of Lexus’ LC500, in 2018, we realized it was the beginning of something exceptional. Since Lexus had made a GT that risen above desires, that looked outwardly shocking, that was remarkable to drive, and that was irrationally comfortable.

At that point the Japanese luxury vehicle marker drew out an all the more financially feasible crossover form, the LC500h, trading the first’s normally suctioned 5-liter V8 motor instead of a V6 half breed arrangement – which, while innovatively momentous and the first of its sort, sapped a portion of the fun out of procedures.

For its third appearance, in the pretense of the Lexus LC500 Convertible, Lexus has set aside its best exertion yet. Not exclusively does the delicate top manifestation convey on the first vehicle’s qualities, it additionally at long last has a tech arrangement that is really usable gratitude to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay similarity.


A visual orchestra

Not exclusively is the Lexus LC500 Convertible a visual orchestra of design, it likewise sounds colossal – particularly with the top down – on account of that normally suctioned 5-liter V8 motor in the engine.

On the off chance that you’ve been contemplating buying a Porsche 911 or Jaguar F-Type, this Lexus is the vehicle that could altogether adjust your perspective. It’s simply considerably more of a head-turner that requests everybody’s consideration – in light of the fact that it’s a lesser seen and, hence, additionally energizing possibility.

As a matter of fact we can’t see that current shortage enduring excessively long – as there’s a solid possibility this convertible will beat its LC500 cousins. We Brits do adore a convertible, come no matter what, so the LC500 Convertible will be a significant vehicle for Lexus in the UK.

Notwithstanding the design layout being a couple of years old now, the extreme idea of its appearance actually remains constant. Similarly as was said of the roadster, the Convertible is “a brilliant bit of design – basic yet mind boggling; assaulting yet controlled; appealing yet testing”. With the top down we think it glances far better in convertible structure.


Predominant comfort

The LC500 Convertible’s modern looks proceed with advanced usefulness as well. Approach the vehicle and the flush doorhandles jump out to welcome you, much the same as you’ll see on the all-electric Porsche Taycan.

With the entryway open, the inside uncovers itself to be a position of extravagance. It’s genuinely repressed on the eyes, yet it’s ludicrously comfortable to stay here, the extravagant calfskin covered seats have all way of electric modifications and simply hold your legs and body in the correct manner – nothing’s excessively firm, too ‘proddy’ – and the seat and guiding wheel electronically maneouvre into spot to guarantee you have enough comfort room between drives.

As we learned at Lexus’ Tokyo HQ in 2019, the brand values being extraordinary. Inside most vehicles nowadays you’ll discover portions of plastic, however at this top-finish of creation Lexus is among those contribution hand-sewed cowhide. Straightforward as that could appear, the structure given to the boards is exceptionally unmistakable, with a nearly hand-drawn ease that is gorgeous as well as upgrades comfort.

The middle passage houses the delicate top controls, with a press-and-hang on the covered trigger lifting the rooftop through its movements. It’ll do this up to 32mph, as well, so if there’s a spot of downpour and you have to cover yourself in the lodge at that point there’s no compelling reason to stop.

Such physical controls are demonstrative of Lexus’ arrangement: not normal for some different brands fixated on having touchpanel-just controls, the LC500 Convertible is transcendently constrained by catches and switches. It’s exemplary in that sense, regardless of whether you may esteem it as too old school in such manner, yet at any rate it’s in every case simple to recognize what’s the place and what you’re doing.

All things considered, a few capacities -, for example, the warmed controlling haggle collar – are somewhat covered inside the menus and fiddly to alter utilizing the mouse-like touchpad that Lexus has utilized for a really long time. You’ll become accustomed to it, yet it at first feels outlandish.

A monster out and about

The feature highlight of the LC500 Convertible is its normally suctioned 5-liter V8 motor. It conveys 457bhp through those rear wheels, making it an incredible monster out and about. With a maximum velocity of 167mph, it has a lot of outfit and-go about it.

There’s no gimmickry about this motor either – no solid siphoned into the lodge, no turbo, no fancy odds and ends truly – leaving only the thundering sound of those eight chambers, mated with a 10-speed programmed gearbox, to bring the fervor.

Furthermore, energize it does: in the case of pootling along tenderly, or pummeling foot to floor to deliver such force, it’s sufficient to coddle your entire body into those extravagant seats and hold you there, heart pounding.


  • What is the Pocket-build up day by day and how would you get it for nothing?


Furthermore, that is simply in ‘Typical’ mode. To one side of the wheel – situated at a significant reach, truly – is the dial for Sport and Sport+ (and Eco) modes – which, on account of the initial two, truly observes this convertible wake up, kicking and shouting. It holds itself well, notwithstanding being a 100kg (or possibly more, contingent upon config) heavier than the first roadster, making corners tight.

While all that force can exhilirate, what’s so superb about the LC500 is the way refined and adjusted it feels. It’s overly smooth while cruising along at pace down motorways – yet you’ll generally be prepared to step things up an indent as and when you need it.


Tech upgrades and inadequacies

On the off chance that there was one thing that kept the LC500 down it was its tech arrangement. We’ve since quite a while ago reprimanded Lexus for its gradualness in moving with the occasions. However, at long last, the LC500 Convertible is among the primary harvest of Lexus vehicles to bounce a monstrous obstacle. Why? Since both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are ready, so on the off chance that you plug your telephone in, at that point you’ll get simple admittance to the administrations you most wish to utilize.

It sounds practically insignificant, however it’s truly not: this expansion implies you could live with the LC500 Convertible as a day by day driver vehicle. We utilized Android Auto and it implied a satnav framework that really worked – not any more playing about with ancient location passage. It implied we could tune in to anything we desired by means of our Spotify membership.

It’s not 100% immaculate in its coordination. Disengaging a telephone implies it’s somewhat of a battle to migrate the Android Auto symbol inside Lexus’ fundamental menu – it doesn’t consequently start up after the first run through for reasons unknown. We were likewise just ready to convey Google Assistant voice orders once effectively, as opposed to all the more successive occasions after that.

Regardless, this is all trifling and fixable programming related stuff. Having the primary visuals in eyeshot on that 10.3-inch screen and the controls incorporated on the controlling wheel implies usability consistently. It’s a major and truly necessary advance forward for Lexus.

In any case, Lexus can’t resist the urge to adhere to its foundations. That implies there’s as yet a CD/DVD space for plates (that you presumably not, at this point own) directly before the gearstick – we’re not in any event, joking. It implies the mouse-like regulator’s to some degree risky control movement is as yet a learning bend. Furthermore, obviously, the exemplary Lexus clock is still pride of spot. In a manner this is all aspect of the Japanese make-up that makes a Lexus a Lexus.


The Lexus LC500 Convertible feels unique both all around. Hit the street with the daylight on your neck, the breeze in your hair, and the sound of that normally suctioned 5-liter V8 motor back pride of spot and there’s actually nothing else very like it.

Lexus has at last grasped Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well – which means this is a vehicle you could live with everyday as far as usefulness and comfort. Or on the other hand, when the temperament takes, disregard the satnav chatter and music impedance and essentially while away the hours simply driving this great machine.

The LC500 Convertible could well be the remnant of a withering species given that motor – however in the event that that is the situation, at that point it’s even more motivation to appreciate what is the convertible ruler for 2021. It’s a really extraordinary, emotive vehicle to drive.