Hyundai has reported that it is taking its Ioniq name and transforming it into a committed brand for its electric vehicles.

The Ioniq name was first utilized for the 2016 dispatch of Hyundai’s EV model that offered electric or half and half powertrains in a similar body (in this way refreshed in 2019) – yet now expect a more noteworthy situation inside the organization’s naming methodology.

Hyundai isn’t simply reporting a reshuffle of its marking, it is likewise fleshing out what we can expect throughout the following barely any years, with another numerical methodology that is going to give us the Ioniq 5, 6 and 7 as the organization fortifies its duty to battery electric vehicles.

Hyundai as of now has a quite decent history in such manner – the Ioniq is one of the most moderate EVs out and about and we absolutely observe a ton of them around. Then the Kona Electric is one of our preferred electric models, hitting significant range, cost and spec focuses.

Precisely how those models fit into the new Ioniq marking we don’t yet have a clue, yet we do realize what Hyundai has coming up throughout the following scarcely any years.

Ioniq 5, 6 and 7

The new numerical system will see odd numbers for SUVs and even numbers for “cars” or cantinas as we may call them in the UK. Hyundai has just common subtleties of two or three these models.


The Ioniq 5 will be founded on the Hyundai 45 idea that was flaunted at IAA in 2019. It’s a minimal utility vehicle – CUV – which is expected in 2021. We speculate it will lose some of the parlor style features of the idea vehicle to turn out to be even more regular. It might even supplant the Kona Electric, yet that is simply us theorizing. This model has, supposedly, as of now been seen in testing, as indicated by Autocar.

The Ioniq 6 will be a vehicle/cantina dependent on the Prophecy idea that was revealed earlier in 2020. The Ioniq 6 is because of dispatch in 2022. We’re anticipating that a portion of that streamlined profile should remain – this model is probably going to push performance somewhat more dependent on the idea.


At last Hyundai is arranging the Ioniq 7. This is supposed to be a huge SUV. There’s no idea for this model, however keep your eyes on declarations throughout the following couple of years to discover where this model is going. It’s not due until 2024.

All the new models will be founded on the E-GMP stage.

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