Quick verdict

Google has clearly positioned Nest Audio to be a natural rival to the Amazon Echo – a speaker to provide music, information and voice control whenever you want it. The competition from Amazon is still fierce, but in the Nest Audio, Google now has a speaker that can hold its own.


  • Design
  • Decent sound quality
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Effective touch controls
  • Good value for money

  • Some hiss around Google Assistant audio
  • No Zigbee controller to directly setup smart products

The Nest Audio swings in as trade for the first Google Home speaker. It’s intended to be conservative enough to slip into any room, however convey a greater encounter than the famous Nest Mini.

The dispatch of Nest Audio likewise observes Google dispense with another Home-marked gadget from its line up. Home currently covers home sound, security and warming, an overall blaze of keen home gadgets.

Plan and assemble


  • Measurements: 175 x 124 x 78mm/Weight: 1.1kg
  • Work front and back development
  • Uses heaps of reused materials


The Nest Audio speaker is a comparative size to the first Google Home, yet it’s currently a texture secured unit. From the start it’s somewhat surprising, in light of the fact that it’s a leveled shape – when we’re so used to chambers or boxes as speakers.

It has a few points of interest, in that the shallow profundity implies it’s anything but difficult to slip onto a rack, however that was a similar speculation behind the round and hollow Amazon Echo plan. A significant contrast with Nest is that the speakers are on the front – it’s not intended for 360-degree sound.

There’s an elastic foot on the base to lessen vibration and give hold on surfaces. The texture that covers the front and back of the speaker is produced using reused plastic jugs – according to the Nest Mini – and the main physical control is the quiet switch on the back of the gadget. Reused materials make up a great part of the remainder of the bodywork.

There are four LEDs over the front of the speaker, as is regular with Nest gadgets we’ve seen previously, and in the event that you’re not collaborating with the speaker, at that point these will be off. They light up when you state “Hello Google”, just as showing when Google Assistant is hanging tight for a reaction.

They are likewise utilized as affirmation when you utilize the imperceptible touch controls. Towards the head of the gadget you can tap in the middle to delay the music or whatever you’re playing; to one side to decrease the volume; to one side to build the volume. It’s a smooth, simple to-utilize and normal cooperation.

The plan fits in with late Nest gadgets like the Nest Hub and Mini and it will come in two tones in the UK and Europe – charcoal or chalk – while the US gets a more extensive scope of pastels to browse. A few people get all the karma.


Sound quality and execution


  • 75mm woofer, 19mm tweeter
  • Sound system matching, gathering


Under the skin, there’s a more noteworthy volume to this speaker than there was the past Google Home, intended to help the sound presentation. Google says the Nest Audio is 75 percent stronger than the old Google Home, while the bass is helped by around 50%. That is because of a 75mm mid-woofer to drive the lows and a 19mm tweeter for the higher tones.

So, Nest Audio has been exceptional intended for the conveyance of music, as opposed to similarly as a passage highlight Google Assistant. It’s even more a speaker, however similarly as savvy.


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As we referenced over, those drivers are on the facade of this speaker so you don’t get such an omnidirectional music we’ve seen from some others as of late, specifically the Amazon Echo – despite the fact that in 2020 that item has changed its plan too.

For a little speaker there’s astonishing volume accessible from the Nest Audio, and it clings to devotion well through the volume go. Google says that this speaker will alter itself to suit the kind of substance you’re playing through it, utilizing a framework called Media IQ. Unquestionably, it conveys those bassy tracks all around ok, however doesn’t stomp on across expressed word by then being excessively hefty on the bass. There’s a lavishness to expressed word content that we welcome, a long ways from so numerous modest radios. As a kitchen speaker, Nest especially conveys on all fronts.

Regarding the general sound, we think Nest Audio is like the 2019 Amazon Echo, in spite of the fact that we feel that it’s somewhat more directional – a marginally smaller sound field due to the plan of the speakers – contrasted with Amazon’s 360-degree projection, which we locate somewhat more including. However, there’s not a sufficient contrast between these speakers to state one is considerably in a way that is better than the other – it’s more an instance of which meets your requirements better.

You can physically alter the levels for bass and high pitch to get the sort of sound that you need, yet as a little arrangement speaker – and moderately estimated – there’s little to gripe about regarding execution.

Similarly as with other Nest sound gadgets, you can match, gathering and relegate speakers to rooms, giving bunches of alternatives for how you play back your music. While the Nest Audio can be gathered with a Nest Mini or a Nest Hub, for instance, the greatest preferred position will originate from sound system matching with another Nest Audio. We’ve not gotten the opportunity to test this, yet with Google offering these speakers two by two for a little markdown, we can see that being a mainstream alternative.

You can likewise utilize the Nest Audio as a straight Bluetooth speaker, it will uphold projecting from viable music applications, and it underpins Spotify Connect for direct control as well.

The Nest Audio professes to have a framework considered Ambient IQ that will change the volume to ensure it can even now be heard over foundation commotion. We attempted this, by logically expanding foundation commotion, and it’s a hard element to nail down. There appeared to be a scarcely detectable increment in the volume to make some verbally expressed word more clear in our test situation.

Shrewd aptitudes and Google Assistant


  • Voice coordinated Assistant
  • Shrewd home control


Fueled by Google Assistant, quite a bit of what the Nest Audio will do will be recognizable to the individuals who are now in the Google biological system. It’s a similar encounter as Google Assistant on your telephone or your Nest Hub.

Collaborator has a ton of aptitudes, ready to take advantage of a ton of data and administrations. The key part to running the Nest Audio is setting it up through the Google Home application and ensuring it knows what your identity is. You’ll have the option to dole out things like default music administrations and a default TV gadget, so you can request to watch a specific thing on TV, for instance.




However, through the connections that Google Assistant can make, the Nest Audio can likewise be an able voice passage for keen home control. On the off chance that you’ve connected Google to administrations like Philips Hue, you would then be able to request that your speaker turn on the lights or change the warming, for instance.

What the Nest Audio needs is the devoted equipment to go about as a savvy home regulator. The new Amazon Echo is furnished with a Zigbee regulator that implies it can straightforwardly arrangement and control a few gadgets without the need to utilize a center. There’s no such contribution in Google’s speaker, so any gadgets you need to control should be arrangement ahead of time. It’s a minor point and, all in all, the brilliant home experience is better when you utilize a gadget’s committed center in any case.

One thing that becomes obvious utilizing the Nest Audio is that Google Assistant’s voice isn’t in reality extremely spotless. You can hear bending and murmur around the Assistant’s words. While this is additionally present on the Nest Mini, we’ve thought that it was much more observable on the Nest Audio since it’s a greater sound encounter. There’s an opportunity this could be improved through programming, however we believe that Alexa’s voice is more clear on a tantamount speaker.


With Google Home currently being admirably obsolete, the new Nest Audio is better situated as a music gadget. It looks better, it sounds better and it is preferred an incentive for cash over the first speaker.

Google has plainly situated Nest Audio to be a characteristic adversary to the Amazon Echo. There’s not a gigantic contrast in execution between Nest Audio and the 2019 Echo – despite the fact that that may change with the 2020 form.

Critically, nonetheless, Google presently has a speaker that is additionally engaging. The Nest Hub is extraordinary, the Nest Mini is incredible, and the Nest Audio plugs that hole – fitting effectively into the home to give music, data and voice control at whatever point you need it.

The opposition from Amazon is as yet wild, yet in the Nest Audio, Google currently has a speaker that can stand its ground