Google Maps to return to Apple Watch, gets CarPlay Dashboard support too

The Vive Cosmos Elite jettison the LED ringed regulators for the great wireless Vive regulators. That is no awful thing in our book as they offer better battery life, more precise following, and a comfortable fit in the hand.

One drawback we saw was everything required as connected by means of Micro-USB to permit firmware refreshes. That is a huge complain – however not one you’ll have normally. It is odd however, considering the comfort of the standard Vive Cosmos where the regulators could be refreshed over the air.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite: What are the spec necessities?

The suggested specs for the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite headset are:

PC/PC running Windows 10 or more prominent

Illustrations Card: Nvidia GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 480 or more prominent

CPU: Intel i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 or more prominent

Memory: 8GB of RAM

Video Output: DisplayPort 1.2

USB Port: 1x USB 3.0 Port

In case you’re not very secure with whether your machine can deal with these necessities, you can run a test here.

Gaming goodness

Wireless connector accessible as additional buy

As you would have assembled, we’re somewhat intrigued with the Vive Cosmos Elite. The following upgrades it offers over the standard rendition make it a delight when gaming. Enhancements have been made to lessen screen entryway impacts and other visual issues as well. It’s a perfect piece of pack to play something like Half-Life:

In the interim, those with an Apple Watch will see the arrival of the Google Maps application in the coming weeks. Apple’s smartwatch recently had Google Maps accessible as an application until help was pulled in 2017. The arrival of the application will empower you to explore via vehicle, bicycle, open travel or by walking utilizing Google Maps from your wrist.

The Google Maps application for Apple Watch will offer evaluated appearance times, bit by bit headings to goals you’ve spared, for example, Home or Work, just as different alternate routes you’ve designated in the application. For every other goal, Google said you can begin exploring from your iPhone and regroup on your Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch applications

The individuals who update to iOS 13.7 when it shows up this week will have the option to utilize Google Maps as a feature of the CarPlay Dashboard on all CarPlay upheld vehicles universally. The Google Maps application for the Apple Watch will begin turning out worldwide in the coming weeks.