Quick verdictThis solar-powered outdoors smartwatch is essentially the same as the regular Fenix 6 Pro, except you get additional battery refilling from being exposed to the sun. It’s a remarkable watch, albeit a pricey one.
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  • Epic battery life – aided by the sun
  • Solid and watertight build
  • Plethora of tracking options
  • Mapping and PacePro are great features
  • Interface is easy to digest

  • Music services still limited
  • Garmin Pay is fiddly to use compared to other contactless systems
  • Expensive

The Garmin Fenix go has for quite some time been the zenith of multi-sport open air wellness watches. As the range has extended – it presently incorporates a wide assortment of models at various value focuses, to the point the rundown of choices is practically overpowering – it’s currently a multi-faceted and adaptable setup.

For the head of-the-extend model – the Fenix 6 Pro – little could be added to make it really better than it as of now is. Or on the other hand so we thought. Be that as it may, the 6 Pro Solar goes one better by – as you can figure from the name – including sunlight based fueled glass. This ‘Force Glass’ – which was recently presented on the greater model in the Fenix 6 territory – can offer an expansion on effectively astounding battery life by drawing power from the sun’s beams.

We were at that point intrigued by the Fenix 6 Pro. The Solar takes such goodness and sends it into space. It’s one of the best game centered smartwatches ever propelled.

Business as usual, if it’s not too much trouble

  • Measurements: 47mm breadth, 15.1mm thickness
  • Hardened steel bezel/underside
  • 22mm snappy delivery tie
  • 10ATM waterproofing
  • Five physical catches

The name says everything truly: Fenix 6 Pro Solar seems to be indistinguishable from the model sans sunlight based force. All things considered, aside from in the event that you take a gander at the edge of the presentation – where you’ll see a thin, dim, intelligent ring orbiting the showcase, which implies the record around it is slimmer, with littler and better lines and text, to account for that sun based force ring.


Other than that, it’s essentially as you were. The tough steel outline around the external keeps those notorious uncovered screws and engraved names to indicate what every one of the five physical catches is for. It includes a comparable hardened steel plate on the underside, and sandwiched between those is a durable and sturdy fiber-implanted polymer packaging.

Subsequent to wearing it throughout each and every day, it must be said that the strength of this watch is splendid – leaving no imprints anyplace on the watch, not even the smallest scratches on the focal point over the showcase. It’s not astonishing truly given its fabricate and material decisions.

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With 10 ATM waterproofing – which means it very well may be lowered to 100m – the Solar is more than equipped for enduring your swimming and plunging meetings. It will giggle notwithstanding any mid year downpour showers or even your sweatiest blistering climate exercises.

Where the Solar is somewhat unique – from a structure point of view – is in the hues and completes accessible. Despite the fact that there’s not such much assortment here: two record dark steel models – one with red accents and the other with blue – and afterward a white model, and a more costly titanium model with a metal connection arm band.


Likewise with most past Fenix watches, the lash includes Garmin’s own restrictive snappy delivery instrument so you can undoubtedly purchase new Garmin ties to switch up your look.

Notwithstanding being a generally stout watch, it doesn’t feel awkward to wear. The physical clicky catches outwardly are charming to press and are everything that is needed to control the interface on the showcase. There’s no touchscreen here, which we believe is something beneficial for an outdoorsy watch where you may be up a mountain with cool, gloved hands.

Interface and controls

Over the previous year or so we’ve seen Garmin radically improve its overall interface. Some portion of that improvement is down to a presentation which appears smoother and quicker than in past ages. There are some perfect, appealing activitys, however more indispensably the individual measurement full-screen gadgets you needed to look through before have been dense into a considerably more reduced rundown. What’s more, that, thus, implies you can see more than the slightest bit of information immediately.


You can include and eliminate measurements from that rundown to suit your own inclinations, and in the event that you need a more profound look, a press of the select catch gives a more careful glance at that specific piece of information. Thusly, it serves the individuals who need a snappy look and others that need more meat on those no frills.

And keeping in mind that the cell phone application is incredible for examining the entirety of this information, you get enough of it in the watch to make snatching your telephone for detail somewhat less fundamental. To where you can stack up your past exercises and see all the information and data (counting maps) on the round showcase.

Epic battery

  • 14 days battery in smartwatch mode (16 with enough sun powered charging)
  • As long as 40 hours constant GPS following
  • Garmin restrictive charger

One of the greatest in addition to purposes of the first Fenix 6 Pro is its fourteen day battery life. Garmin says the Solar can last the equivalent – aside from with enough daylight, it can stretch out up to around 16 days. An additional two days, or around a 13 percent help, is nothing to shake a stick at.




On our first full charge during testing, we oversaw around seven exercises of around 30-40 minutes in term and got to our fifteenth day, and still had around four or five percent of the battery left finished. At that point we thought the time had come to charge it utilizing the link. Without any exercises, and with an evening spent outside in the sun on a blistering day, it wasn’t abnormal for the battery to just drop several rate focuses from where it began the day.

For most normal clients, getting that additional couple of long stretches of battery probably won’t be a major issue. Where it may bode well is for the individuals who like to go on epic long climbs or run ultra-long distance races. At the point when you’re out in sunlight for huge timespans, following separation with the GPS sensor, pulse checking and different measurements, it’ll have any kind of effect. You’ll get 40 hours of following utilizing the sun powered model, versus 36 hours on the non-sun based model (that is a 11 percent support).

Obviously, a great deal of this presentation is exceptionally subject to the degrees of daylight. On the off chance that it’s a brilliant summer’s day, you’ll see on the sun powered force metric showcase that it’s arriving at greatest power. On cloudier or cloudy days, you don’t get that equivalent power, thus it won’t top off the battery as effectively.


What we like most about the battery life, as we found in the standard Fenix 6 Pro, is the manner in which it shows battery when left in whatever mode you’re at present utilizing. In the event that it’s in normal smartwatch mode, it’ll show how long you have remaining. When following an action, it’ll give you how long you have before the battery is finished. It’s logically mindful in that sense.

Way of life and smartwatch highlights

  • Garmin Pay
  • Guides and music locally available
  • Rest following and body battery assessment

As has consistently been the situation, the smartwatch elements of the most recent Garmin watch are restricted when contrasted with any semblance of completely fledged shrewd wearables, for example, the Apple Watch and Wear OS gadgets. Yet, once more, that is essential for the Garmin fascinate. It does what’s necessary to be helpful and maintains its attention on the genuine explanation you’d purchase a Garmin: long battery life and solid movement following.

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This means you get all the most recent Garmin-accessible way of life highlights like Garmin Pay (for versatile installments), smartwatch warnings reflected on your wrist, and music for disconnected tuning in.

Garmin Pay is anything but an ideal component however. First off, it’s not upheld by each bank, and when you dispatch the component you have to enter your picked PIN code to actuate it before putting your wrist close to the contactless terminal to confirm the installment. It’s somewhat of an uneven framework, yet when your watch is everything you have on you and you require to get some basic supplies on your way over from a run/climb/whatever, it could be something of a lifeline.


Music is reliant on you having a membership to an upheld administration. In case you’re an Apple Music or Tidal endorser there’s no help here unfortunately. In any case, in the event that you use Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music, you can adjust playlists to your wrist and pair a few games headphones to your watch and tune in to your preferred tracks when making the rounds.

Like any good wellness tracker for ordinary use, the Solar will follow your means and development for the duration of the day and watch out for your pulse. You can likewise set it up to follow your rest, yet whether you’re happy with wearing a watch like this throughout the night is an altogether close to home inclination.

With rest following there’s one thing we found so significant: on the off chance that you don’t hit the hay at the time you’ve revealed to it you generally hit the hay, it’ll track your late night Netflix gorge meetings as dozing time. For example, on a working week, we’d commonly hit the sack around 11 pm, however at the end of the week or while on leave we were somewhat remiss with that.

Stick to some place near an arrangement, in any case, and you’ll see a truly tolerable separate of your rest, giving you when you were in profound rest, light rest and even occasions you’ve woken up in the night to go get a beverage. You’ll even get scored on how great your rest was, which at that point influences the ‘Body Battery’ information to tell you the amount you have in the tank for the afternoon and assist you with understanding why you may be feeling a little level that day.

Sports information and smarts

  • Skiing, Surfing and MTB following refreshed
  • Same running following as ordinary Fenix 6 Pro

An extraordinary aspect regarding the Fenix watches is that they for the most part suit all way of sports and wellness fans. You can follow a huge number of exercises utilizing the Fenix 6 Pro Solar – from climbing and mountain biking to indoor preparing and quality meetings.

Truth be told, in the course of recent months or thereabouts, Garmin has included indoor meetings into its application that you can stack on to your watch and see livelinesss. These are accessible whether you have loads and gear, or simply need to do some bodyweight meetings.


New for 2020: Garmin has incorporated a couple of new updates including expert boondocks skiing, improved elements for MTB (mountain biking) and surfing. The skiing profile can recognize skiing and climbing and shows measurements for whichever you’re doing, while MTB elements lets you measure ‘coarseness and stream’ to follow how easily you’re plunging.

It’s with running that we feel Garmin conveys the best information and data. Get a couple of running meetings added to your repertoire and you profit by VO2Max following – used to quantify your blood exygen greatest – which can assist with showing how fit you are. You likewise get counsel on how long you have to rest before endeavoring your next run.

In addition, there’s the PacePro include which Garmin acquainted in 2019 with assistance you see how your pace is improving and – fortunately – considers running up slopes. All things considered, having the option to do 5-minute kilometers with slopes in it is substantially more amazing than doing 5-minute kilometers on a level surface. It can even track how well you’re adapting to warm, in case you’re preparing in the mid year.

Contingent upon which action you’re doing, the screen on the watch adjusts. So in case you’re running you’ll see separation, meeting time, pace and pulse. In the event that you go for quality preparing, it’ll give you what number of reps you’ve done and meeting time. You can likewise kick it into a guide mode, or pre-load courses onto the watch utilizing the application and tail them utilizing the inherent guides on the watch.

We’ve discovered the following and execution to be truly steady and exact. It signs onto GPS signal speedy enough and even appears to make a nice showing of staying aware of pulse changes during HIIT meetings. We’ve not once been left baffled by discontinuous delaying of area following or conflicting outcomes during our testing.


The delight of having all the information you could require is that it suits both the apprentice and the accomplished sportsperson. On the off chance that all you need to see is the separation, time and pulse enhancements, you can see those. In the event that you need to burrow further, there’s parcels here to get into.

One element we generally appreciate is the Garmin Coach. You can join to a running training plan, defining your objective and letting it program a week by week plan for you with various running meetings. Some attention on speed and rhythm, others get you used to running on slopes, while others are about endurance and having the option to run significant distances.


Of the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro we stated: “It’s outlandish not to praise a gadget as extensively great. As multi-useful games centered smartwatches go there’s no equivalent.” Well, presently it’s gone one better with the Solar form including battery topping off from it being presented to the sun.

At long last you’ll without a doubt get happiness from the Fenix 6 Pro Solar – similarly as you would from its non-sunlight based controlled kin. For some, truly, the sun oriented controlled angle – which can’t generally supplant an attachment and link – is a pleasant to-have as opposed to regular basic.

Be that as it may, the Fenix 6 Pro is ust so vigorous and achieved. The plenty of following alternatives, it durable and sturdy form, the consideration of music, maps, and contactless installments, all wedded with dependable and reliable following. It’s a practically great watch. Furthermore, it has much all the more a spot on the off chance that you can discover some daylight.

Notwithstanding, it’s costly, and there are other Garmin models that offer a comparative element list on the off chance that you have to spare some money, however you’re probably not going to discover any of them do it all in as cultivated a style as the Fenix 6 Pro Solar.