The best ways to farm company seals!

Final Fantasy XIVΒ players will be greatly acquainted with Grand Companies and how important it is to collect as many company seals as possible for continuing your adventure in the game and also unlocking features such as hunts that you can take part in. The process of gathering company seals can take a bit of time if you aren’t too sure of the best ways to collect them so this guide article will take you over everything you need to know aboutΒ FFXIV Company Seals farming and some of the quickest ways to gather them.

Best Ways to Farm Company Seals Within Final Fantasy XIV

Firstly, one of the best and most prominent ways to collect them quickly is through Leveling Roulettes each day and spending time completing the ones you need for the bonus rewards. You will get a larger quantity of Grand Company seals for the β€˜In Need’ bonus applied. This bonus will be applied if you queue for the roulette and your role was needed to complete the party for the activity. Further, linking with general game activities to complete for seals, FATEs are another effective way to get Grand Company seals with efficiency.

As for a few other methods; the Grand Company hunting log when you unlock it will reward you with a lot of seals for completing the tasks there. These hunting logs will simply have you slay a certain number of a specific enemy in order to complete that objective of the hunting log. Alternatively, if you have leveled up a lot in your Grand Company already to the β€˜Sergent Second Class’ rank, you will even be able to effectively trade in gear with β€˜Expert Delivery’ that you may have acquired from dungeons for a number of Company Seals instead, and given howΒ many of these you are likely to complete, you will observe your company seal count going up exponentially.

Whether you’reΒ trying to acquire new items or simply want to unlock new features within the experience, leveling your Grand Company will be a great endeavor for you to complete.

Final Fantasy XIVΒ is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.