Quick verdict

Facebook Portal is a potentially interesting smart display if you love Messenger and WhatsApp video calls. The calling experience is quality but the smart home functionality might be a bit lacking for some.


  • Excellent Portal-to-Portal video call experience
  • Intelligent camera tracking
  • Lens cover for privacy
  • Surprisingly loud and capable speaker
  • Nice photo frame styling

  • Can’t make a call using voice (outside of USA) yet
  • Price a bit high
  • Large bezels
  • Mobile-to-Portal call experience is low quality
  • Requires Facebook
  • Security is still a question mark

Facebook Portal will in general part conclusion. Everybody we solicited didn’t care for the thought from having one, because of different Facebook disasters over late years.

Facebook Portal is the littler 10-inch item in the line-up; an arrangement which additionally incorporates Portal Mini and a TV-mounted gadget known as Portal TV. We likewise checked on the bigger Portal+ early a year ago.

Facebook Portal Mini versus Portal versus Portal+ versus Portal TV: What’s the distinction?

Consider Portal an option in contrast to the Amazon Echo Show or the different Google brilliant showcases. Just with Portal, Facebook is endeavoring to assist you with remaining associated with more individuals throughout your life by means of the mechanism of video calls through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Be that as it may, is it worth purchasing Portal for your home, instead of basically utilizing your telephone? Here are the good and bad times of Facebook’s move into shrewd presentations…


Classy plan and consistent arrangement


  • Works with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Spotify and Amazon Alexa
  • 13-megapixel (720p) camera with 114-degree field-of-see
  • 10-inch touchscreen show (1280 x 800 goal)


Facebook Portal is an enormous, tame looking gadget that fits effectively into the home. It’s accessible with either a white or dark edge and the capacity to set it up in either scene or picture direction. Initially, you’d effectively ignore it as only a computerized photograph outline, just with somewhat more mass and a few plan indicates the camera and sensors present. We can’t state that of the 15.6-inch ‘In addition to’ model, which is a lot bigger and additionally forcing.

Entryway flaunts an engaging 10-inch touchscreen show, which makes for pleasant photograph seeing, yet shockingly is somewhat of a unique mark magnet. We have seen that the screen isn’t as receptive to contact as we’d like, however that is infrequently an issue as you’re generally going to be controlling Portal with your voice in any case. You absolutely won’t peruse the web on this gadget (however you can), as this isn’t a telephone or tablet substitution.

Gateway works with both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp essentially, yet in addition has uphold for Spotify and Amazon Alexa. On the off chance that you have those administrations, you may as of now be fearing the idea of entering usernames and passwords on a touchscreen. Considerably more so if, similar to us, you utilize a super-secure secret key and two-venture verification. Fortunately, you can sidestep all that faff by basically visiting explicit URLs on another gadget (PC, telephone or tablet) and contributing a confirmation code. We discovered this was euphorically simple and set us on the correct foot on the right track away.

That helpful experience proceeds into the remainder of the plan as well. When your records are signed in, you at that point get simple admittance to every one of your contacts from those administrations. Obviously, you’re probably not going to need to put a video call to everybody on your Facebook companions list, so there’s likewise the choice to pick certain individuals as top choices for simple access. Doing that not just methods you can then rapidly and effectively dial them in for a visit, yet additionally implies you’ll get spring up warnings when they’re on the web so you know they’re accessible.

At the point when you place a call you’ll find where Portal sparkles. Right off the bat, it’s a considerably more helpful approach to put a video call than holding your telephone or clumsily gripping a tablet. However long you’ve discovered a decent spot in the room, you can go sans hands and simply appreciate some eye to eye time with companions and friends and family. The video quality is incredible and the 1280 x 800 goal show sufficient.

Entrance is additionally planned with insightful camera tech that follows guests as they move about the room. So on the off chance that you can’t sit still, it’s no issue as the camera will follow you in the casing. In the event that there are numerous individuals in the room, at that point it will follow them as well, or you can utilize the touchscreen to pick the fundamental individual to zero in on.

This gadget additionally has a far-field four-receiver cluster which assists with keeping sound quality tantamount to video. This arrangement implies it can counteract foundation commotion and spotlight on the significant things – your voice.

Utilizing Portal to call loved ones, we immediately found that on the off chance that you need the best understanding, at that point everybody needs a Portal. Entry’s screen makes the video caught by selfie cameras on cell phones look blocky and dreadful. So individuals you’re conversing with might get an away from of your end, however less the opposite way around.


Entryway to-Portal calling


  • AR impacts, games and Story Time
  • Common encounters accessible if the need arises incorporate Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio tuning in


There are different reasons why it would be better if everybody had a Portal also. It can settle on video decisions to any gadget that can put or get Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp video calls. During those calls, you can utilize different various highlights. These incorporate things like AR impacts to include here and there stupid, once in a while engaging visuals to your calls – somewhat like Snapchat channels or Instagram impacts. Envision virtual shades or phony caps showing up on everybody’s heads while you talk.

Yet, a portion of the additionally intriguing encounters and highlights are just accessible when calling Portal to Portal. There are different common encounters, for example, tuning in to Spotify together, watching recordings, messing around or in any event, perusing an intuitive story to youngsters with Story Time. Too bad, none of this is accessible in the event that you don’t have a Portal conversing with another Portal gadget. We see Facebook’s edge here: purchase, purchase, purchase!

You can do other clever things with it however, such as including additional individuals into the call and making it a gathering video party with only a couple of snaps. That can remember a sum of eight individuals for Messenger or four on WhatsApp.

We need to concede, we truly appreciate the accommodation of calling with Portal. The picture quality and sound is extraordinary and it’s a uber helpful gadget to have around in the event that you see yourself normally settling on such decisions. In any case, that is the large obstacle: many individuals just won’t use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to settle on video decisions in any case.

What is missing, right now, is the capacity settle on a decision utilizing your voice. Clients in the USA can utilize a voice order to begin a call with a straightforward “Hello Portal, call [contact]”, however tragically this component hasn’t turned out to different areas yet. Which appears to be somewhat odd for a gadget that is about voice and calls. In spite of the way that Portal works with Amazon Alexa, you can’t put a call that way either. So you have to utilize your fingers, which isn’t a completely upsetting difficulty in these advanced occasions yet something that ideally gets improved in future.

An emphasis on security


  • Physical camera and amplifier shade
  • On-screen informing to tell you its quieted
  • Settings for controlling voice information put away by/sent to Facebook


Some may be careful about having a Facebook-driven gadget in their home. Facebook knows about it also, which is the reason all the gadgets in the Portal extend are worked with some physical protection abilities.

The Portal has a physical camera and amplifier shade that hinders the camera and impairs the mic as well. This implies when not being used you can guarantee nobody is keeping an eye on you if that is such a thing you’re stressed over. Entryway’s camera additionally doesn’t utilize facial acknowledgment to distinguish you – it can “see” faces so as to follow, however these aren’t IDed.

There are additionally security settings that permit you to quit information assortment for voice demands you make with the gadget so even your voice won’t be recorded or put away.

Facebook says all discussions remain among you and the individuals you’re calling, and that its Smart Camera innovation runs locally on Portal, not on Facebook workers. Evidently, Portal just sends voice orders to Facebook workers after you state “Hello Portal.” And you can erase Portal’s voice history in your Facebook Activity Log, while your Alexa voice orders can be erased in the Alexa application.

Utilizing WhatsApp additionally implies you get the special reward of start to finish encryption also. So we’re not excessively worried about security with Portal – no more so than some other brilliant home gadget, or than we are as Messenger and WhatsApp clients.


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All that stated, as we said in our Portal+ audit: “Facebook has a demonstrated history of saying a certain something and afterward we later discover the organization wasn’t in effect expressly clear or forthright with its clients. For example, it was as of late uncovered that Facebook utilized outsider contractual workers to tune in to Messenger clients’ sound bites.”


Shrewd home knowledge and off call encounters


  • Application mix
  • Sets with Portal application for Android and iOS gadgets
  • Photograph Booth selfies, outsider Apps, Superframe photograph show
  • Music playback


Besides the video calling capabilities, Portal is also smart in other ways. It has a web browser, an interface to watch Facebook videos, various different apps, games and more. Highlights include the ability to login to and use your Spotify account to listen to music with a surprisingly capable speaker.

There’s also the Superframe photo display which shows off your best images from Facebook, or specific ones you select using the Portal app for AndroidΒ orΒ iOS devices. However, this can get awkward: Superframe pulls uploaded or tagged photos on your Facebook account to display whenever it’s in standby, but you might not want to see yourself with certain people from the past, so it depends on your Facebook use, history and friends.

Facebook Portal is also compatible withΒ Amazon Alexa. This gives you the ability to use your voice to do more, like controlling smart home lighting, seeing the latest news from your favourite sources or playing music. But we found this experience to be a bit hit and miss. Simple things like asking Alexa to play Spotify, for example, just doesn’t work at the time of writing – even when Spotify is linked to our account and set as the primary music source. But when you play using the Spotify app you can then ask Alexa to skip, play, pause and adjust the volume.

We’ve looked at Alexa on screens like this before – Amazon has its ownΒ Echo Show series of devicesΒ of course – and Alexa does work better on Amazon’s own devices. There is a bit of a general limitation with Alexa for screens in that many Alexa features – especially third-party skills – just aren’t optimised for a screen. Instead, they’re more geared towards Alexa as a voice assistant.Β That doesn’t matter too much here, since Alexa isn’t central to the Portal’s operation, but it doesn’t take away from the fact the current experience is just a little too flaky for our liking.




This smart display is for people who often use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to video call friends. If you don’t use those services, or if you don’t ever video call your friends, then it’s a non-product for you. Sure, it has built-in Alexa too, but that’s not working too well yet – and you want an Alexa device then you really should get an Amazon Echo Show.

Still, we were honestly surprised by how much we’ve enjoyed having Portal around. The display is excellent, the speaker doubly so. It’s packed full of camera tech and clever microphones to ensure you get a clear and capable video call experience (when connecting with another Portal anyway – so buy two and give one to your favourite friend or loved one and you’ll have no excuse not to regularly see their face).

The big question is whether you’ll actually want to buy. We feel that Portal is lacking some of the intelligence of other display-centric smart home assistants, and despite the privacy-first features there’s still that question mark hanging over Facebook’s security history.

If Messenger and WhatsApp is your all, then this premium video-calling experience is an ideal match. Otherwise, for many prospective users, it’s a mixed bag. Just as we said of Portal+, after months of testing that, we wouldn’t blame you for passing on it.