Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle – Destiny 2

Learn everything you need to know about the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2.

Added with Destiny 2 update 2.2.2., the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle is the newest Exotic weapon to join the ranks of Destiny 2โ€™s Exotics. The Outbreak Perfected Prime appears to be an upgraded version of the original Destinyโ€™s Outbreak Prime, and this SIVA infused weapon is just waiting for players to unlock it and add it to their collections. This guide will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

How to get the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle

There has been a ton of data going around, particularly on Reddit, with numerous clients attempting to sort out the specific technique with which you can commence the mission for the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle. Normally, there are continually contrasting suppositions with regards to new Exotic journeys list this. The strategy that I’ll be portraying beneath was finished twice on two distinct characters with differing levels of game consummation. We should begins.

Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle quest steps

  1. Complete Destiny 2 main campaign
  2. Complete Enemy of My Enemy
  3. Get the Fallen Transponder
  4. Decrypt all six Nodes on the Fallen Transponder
  5. Find the Rendezvous site
  6. Complete Zero Hour mission

Complete Enemy of My Enemy

To begin with, you will have to finish a progression of missions and open the journey for the Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon. To do this you’ll have to have finished the fundamental mission in Destiny 2. This will permit you to get the missionย Enemy of My Enemyย from Sloane on Titan. The missions have a suggested level of 290 and are very simple to take out when you’re stepped up for the most recent DLC. Only for record keeping, I finished this progression of the interaction with a character that was above Power Level 600, just as one that was Power Level 462. Fortunately, Power Level doesn’t have a major impact in this progression, beside the general trouble of the actual missions.

I had really deserted the journey line before in my Destiny 2 playthrough, so ensure you check with Sloane and converse with her in the event that you don’t recollect finishing it and don’t have the Rat King Crew’s mission step in your stock.

Enemy of My Enemy quest line can be acquired from Sloane.
If you’re missing the Enemy of My Enemy quest line, visit Sloane and talk to her to pick up any abandoned quests on Titan.

Play through the Enemy of my Enemy journey ventures until you arrive at the reactor room and recuperate the reactor. Here you’ll really experience a Fallen Captain namedย Mithrax, just as a Hive Knight. It’s been theorized that you need to keep the Mithrax alive (in the event that you don’t assault him, he doesn’t assault you) to have the option to open the way to the room that holds the Fallen Transponder. Nonetheless, during my testing, I killed Mithrax once, yet saved him the following time. It didn’t transform anything about the Exotic Quest drop, which implies it isn’t straightforwardly attached to whether he lives or passes on.

In the wake of snatching the reactor, get back to Sloane and converse with her to finish the Enemy of my Enemy mission line. This will likewise compensate you with the Rat King’s Crew mission step, which you need to get theย Rat King Exotic Hand Cannon.ย Now you can proceed onward to the following part and procure theย Fallen Transponder.

Get the Fallen Transponder

The main real piece of the mission to get theย Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifleย is to discover and gather a Fallen Transponder. This thing can be found on Titan. Many have prompted that you need to finish this part of the mission in the Heroic form of the Adventure, Bad Neighbors. Notwithstanding, I had the option to get to the room where the Fallen Transponder is found in both the Adventure and ordinary free meander Patrol.

Unlock the door to the Command Center in Destiny 2 - Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle - Destiny 2
You’ll have to complete Enemy of my Enemy in order to be able to unlock the door to the Command Center where the Fallen Transponder is found.

In any case, generate in at Titan and advance towards Tidal Anchor. This is the territory straightforwardly south of The Rig on Titan. Head across the huge extension and proceed down the way until you go through some Hive gunk and go to a long corridor like live with either a Wizard or a Shrieker. It doesn’t seem to issue which adversary is nearby, you simply need to execute it.

With the foe executed, proceed through to the little region past the hall. Here you will have a way to one side just as an enormous entryway before you. Numerous players will likely notification that this is the very entryway that you use to enter the Command Center in the Enemy of my Enemy mission. In the event that you’ve come here prior to finishing the Enemy of my Enemy mission line, the entryway will be bolted. Presently, with the mission steps finished, it ought to be opened.

Pick up the Fallen Transponder to kick off the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2
Pick up the Fallen Transponder to kick off the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2.

Open the entryway and head inside, going through one of the entryways on the sides. This will lead further into the control room. The Fallen Transponder can be found in a case of garbage further in the room along the right-hand side of the different control corners. Get it and you’ll open the initial step of the mission to acquire the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle.

How to complete the Fallen Transponder

how to complete the Fallen Transponder nodes in Destiny 2
There are six nodes that players need to complete on the Fallen Transponder in Destiny 2.

On the off chance that you open up the subtleties of the Fallen Transponder in your stock, you’ll discover that there are six hubs that you need to finish. Every hub has an enigma appended to it, which provides you a little insight with regards to where you’ll discover the data you need to decode it. Fortunately, you will not need to settle these conundrums yourself, as we’ve illustrated all you require to do to discover them beneath, just as included convenient gifs that should make the cycle a lot simpler.

Every one of the six Nodes that you need to discover are covered up in a Lost Sector. You don’t have to overcome the manager of each Lost Sector. Truth be told, with the end goal of this guide we really went through every one of the Lost Sectors without finishing them to guarantee you could do as such. We had no issues gathering the entirety of the Nodes.

Node 1: The Drain, EDZ

The main hub can be discovered insideย The Drainย Lost Sector in the EDZ. This specific Lost Sector is found in The Outskirts, so advance there and into The Drain. The simplest method to arrive at this specific Node is through the back passageway of the Lost Sector. It’s situated at the lower part of a bluff region outside the underground construction highlighted in this Lost Sector.

Node 2: Whispered Falls, EDZ

The following Node can be found in theย Whispered Fallsย Lost Sector in the EDZ. This Lost Sector is likewise found in the Outskirts district. Advance there and afterward navigate through the Lost Sector until you arrive at an edge that drops off. Proceed with straight off the edge and afterward adhere to one side, finishing it to a region with a greenish gleam. The hub can be found within this little cubby opening and to one side.

Node 3: Atrium, EDZ

The Lost Sector that holds this Node can be found within the congregation in Trostland. Search for the passageway to the Lost Sector close to the rear of the congregation. Drop down into it and proceed through the principle pathway, following it down until you arrive at a live with a few foes. Proceed past the adversaries, taking a left through an opening that begins a little drop. Promptly go to one side and search for this Node in the back corner of the little live with the bunkbed beneath.

Node 4: Widowโ€™s Walk, EDZ

To locate the fourth Node, players should advance toward theย Widow’s Walkย Lost Sector in Trostland. This one is somewhat trickier to discover. From the Trostland bring forth, track with the left half of the congregation until you detect the Lost Sector sign two or three sheets obstructing one of the old shop windows. Head inside the area and finish it. Continue to travel through this Lost Sector to the enormous zone where you battle the chief and the fundamental gathering of foes in this area. The Node can be found inside an annihilated space to one side of the supervisor chest toward the finish of the Lost Sector.

Node 5: The Carrion Pit, Nessus

To locate the fifth Node, players should advance toward Nessus. Here they will need to bring forth in the Exodus Black territory. Quickly follow the way to one side from generate and advance toward the Glade of Echoes. Here you can locate this Lost Sector in the garbage that lines the zone.

Head down into the Lost Sector and clear your path through it. This Node is somewhat trickier to get to without battling through the adversaries, so don’t be reluctant to take some time and clear them out first. Proceed with throughย The Carrion Pitย until you arrive at the end. Along the right-hand side of the zone is a little cubby opening that you can bounce into. You’ll have to time your bounce effectively, however, as you need to leap out and around a bit of divider to get to the Node.

Node 6: The Rift, Nessus

At long last, the 6th Node can be discovered inย The Rift, a Lost Sector found in the Exodus Black area on Nessus. Produce at the Exodus Black generate, at that point promptly pay special mind to the Lost Sector sign on some garbage along the most distant side of the divider. Advance here and into the cavern. Finish it until you come out to a monstrous sinkhole. Now, pay special mind to a column to your left side that you can leap to, and afterward utilize that to bounce across an enormous hole to another stage on the left-hand side of the room. Here you’ll locate a little nook that you can hop and afterward squat into. The last Node can be found here.

Find the Rendezvous

Now that youโ€™ve decrypted all six of the Nodes, you can hover over the center of the Fallen Transponder to view a long string of numbers and letters. Here is the string:

1((3000)o20)(JS01)((3000b2))(EA3Q)((3000) r20)2((3000)p18)(WJOS)(3000)(1J0E)(3000)( AT3W)(3000)(XW3G)((3000)k18)3((3000)a16 )(JE0A)(3000)(TZOX)(3000)(WJOS)(1J3B)(30 00)(AT3W)(3000)(XW3G)((3000)k16)4((3000 )a14)(JE0A)(3000)(TZOX)(3000)(WJOS)((300 0)a4)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U)(3000)(WJ3P)((300 0)a14)5((3000)b12)(EAOT)(3000)(ZXOW)((30 00)b6)(00Q7)((3000)a6)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U) ((3000)o12)6((3000)b10)(SI0J)(3000)(EAOT)( (3000)r4)(XWOJ)(S13G)((3000)w4)(ATOZ)(X W3G)((3000)k3)(IJ3B)(3000)(AT3W)((3000)p 10)7((3000)o8)(JS01)(3000)(JE0A)((3000)14)( ZXOW)(JS3F)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U)(WJOS)(30 00)(1J0E)(ATOZ)(XW3G)((3000)k3)(1J3B)(300 0)(AT3W)((3000)p8)8((3000)o6)(JS01)(3000) (JE0A)((3000)14)(ZXOW)(005J)(005S)(0051)( 005J)(EA3Q)(ZX3T)(3000)(JS01)(JE0A)(005 T)(005Z)(005X)(005W)(JS3F)((3000)b4)(EA 3Q)(3000)(ZX3T)((3000)b6)9((3000)k4)(1J0 E)(3000)(ATOZ)((3000)p12)(WJOS)(0051)(00 5J)(EA3Q)((3000)02)(XW3G)(3000)(S13G)((3 000)w4)10((3000)s5)(TZOX)((3000)o32)(JS3 F)((3000)b5)

Thanks to Reddit userย u/TheFerntuckianย for copying out the string from the game. Unfortunately, nobody has really decrypted what the meaning of these numbers are. However, all hope is not lost, as players happened to stumble across the next step.

Where to find the Rendezvous at The Farm in Destiny 2
Look for the entrance to the Rendezvous at The Farm.

To discover theย Rendezvous, players should advance over to The Farm, the absolute first friendly territory that you had the option to investigate in Destiny 2. Here you’ll discover a currently opened storm cellar entryway along the right-hand side of the gigantic structure where a large portion of the NPCs have consistently lived. On the off chance that you head down the steps here and follow the way down, you’ll arrive at a dim room. Toward the finish of the dim room, hunkered behind some old shelves, is Mithrax, the Fallen Captain that you experienced during the Enemy of My Enemy missions. It appears to be that Bungie has concluded he ought to be alive regardless of what decision you made in the past missions. Communicating with Mithrax will dispatch you into another mission called Zero Hour.

Complete Zero Hour

Look at ourย Zero Hour mission control, a different article that subtleties each puzzle arrangement and the quickest method to get to the manager room. This is an incredibly difficult mission, so ensure you’re ready for a battle before you set off. Conversing with Mithrax will promptly start Zero Hour, so ensure your Fireteam is prepared before you rendezvous with the Fallen Captain.

Party time takes placeย in The Old Tower, and you’ll need to finish the whole thing in under 20 minutes. The huge kicker here is that the entirety of the foes in this mission are Power Level 690, which means you will have to bring along your most grounded companions on the off chance that you need to succeed and open the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle. At the point when you have finished the mission, you’ll be compensated with the Outbreak Perfected, permitting you to add it to your assortment.

Finishing this mission additionally opens the Zero Zour Heroic rendition, which adds a couple of more turns to the entire experience. You should complete the Heroic form on the off chance that you need to get the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Catalyst.

We will, obviously, keep on refreshing this guide with more data on the off chance that it gets relevant to the mission. For the time being, you ought to have all you require to know to get the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2. You can likewise get back to ourย Destiny 2 guideย for more assistance finishing the other Exotic journey lines in Bungie’s hit shooter.