DJI Phantom 3 Professional review


In the DJI PhantQuick om 3 it’s really one of those “you pay for what you get” products. The clue’s in the name: it says it’s Professional and having used it we can’t argue with that. It’s a true 4K high-flier.

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  • Easy to fly
  • 4K recording
  • YouTube live-streaming at the press of a button
  • Safety features for beginners
  • 1.2 mile range
  • Great stability for capture
  • Less lens distortion

  • Can’t remove the camera
  • Phantom 2 owners can’t use their old batteries
  • No frame-rate greater than 60fps (1080p) or 30fps (4K)

Automatons are truly beginning to take off (in the event that you’ll pardon the joke) with them diverting up wherever from calculated advanced home conveyance administrations to TV news. So whether it’s utilizing them for entertainment only, or for profesionally catch – and they’ve been utilized to record film in untamed life narratives, adverts and significant Hollywood motion pictures – one of the better known organizations fuelling the energy is DJI.

Its most recent automaton, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, is its most refined automaton yet; a high-flier maybe. It offers 4K recording close by a large group of different highlights, for example, simple flying modes and even the capacity to livestream to YouTube at the press of a couple of catches. The Phantom 3 Advanced, which isn’t the subject of this audit, is a similar body yet with 1080p catch rather than 4K.

So is it the DJI Phantom 3 Professional the automaton to go for in case you’re quick to catch the world in super top notch?

DJI Phantom 3 Professional review

DJI Phantom 3 audit: Design

On the off chance that you’ve seen the organization’s past automaton contributions – the Phantom 2 Vision drone, for instance, which we assessed in 2013 – at that point on a superficial level the Phantom 3 doesn’t look entirely different.

The automaton comprises of a fundamental body with four propellers, landing legs to give it steadiness on the ground, and a camera fitted to a moveable 3-hub gimbal which is mounted underneath. No different camera buy required here.

Likewise in the Pantom 3’s crate is a huge committed controller that gives all of you the capacities you have to fly it, including the capacity to hold, and even charge, a cell phone or tablet to go about as a survey screen.




Very much made, the DJI Phantom 3 absolutely looks like it and we like the reality you can rapidly and effectively eliminate the propellers to consider tight pressing in a backpack – DJI even incorporates the alternative to get one.

The battery, which is sufficiently shrewd to reveal to you when it’s running out, is effectively open and swappable. Which is a great job, similarly as with an expected 23-minutes of life per charge you’ll should be prepared to trade those batteries regularly. Extras can be bought, including the Pro Professional two battery boxed alternative (that’s right, DJI is multiplying down on the utilization of ace) which costs somewhat more yet is an undeniable decision.

We found that battery execution relies upon what you are doing. Simply fly and you’ll receive the most time in return, catch 4K film and you’ll see a plunge, however we didn’t feel anytime that we were ever in a stressing circumstance.

The main fiddly part to the entire Phantom 3 experience is changing the microSD card on the grounds that the thing is so darn little, yet it’s no harder than doing it on any activity cam.

Despite the fact that the Phantom 3 is dubious to crash – yet we despite everything oversaw it – we can cheerfully report the unit is sufficiently able to take somewhat of a beating on ground impact. Parts are replaceable if necessary, so a harmed propeller doesn’t really mean it’s the apocalypse.

DJI Phantom 3 survey: Pro camera

As referenced the primary motivation to pick the Professional model of the Phantom 3 (not the Advanced) is the capacity to record in 4K. The recording is fabulous, however, helped along essentially by the automaton’s balancing out capacities.


That is 3840 x 2160 pixels, with the choice to catch of 24, 25 or 30 casings for every second (fps). The unit likewise offers 12 megapixel stills. It’s likewise conceivable to catch 1080p with the expansion of 48, 50 and 60fps alternatives, yet nothing quicker than that. As the Advanced model offers 1080p 60fps, we’d have loved the Professional to offer 1080p 120fps for some incredible half or quarter time playback.

With the Phantom 3, DJI has discarded the fisheye focal point found on past models which fills two primary needs in support of yourself: first, you won’t have to stress over altering your last film as vigorously because of contortion; second, you’re more averse to get the automaton body show up in any shots. The focal point offers a 94-degree edge of-see which is something like a 22mm proportionate (so it generally “duplicates” the standard human vision comparable).

Notwithstanding the chronicle capacities it’s additionally conceivable to livestream in 720p straightforwardly to YouTube. Truly, that breaking report or children party film live to grandmother who can’t make it, will never be the equivalent again.


When you’ve caught a portion of the recording you can utilize the DJI Go application on your keen gadget (iOS and Android just), and specifically The Director highlight that will alter together a few clasps for you to be shared right away.

DJI Phantom 3 audit: Flight execution

Whether or not or not you record 4K, perhaps the greatest element and accomplishments of the Phantom 3 is its flight execution. It is so natural to get this automaton not yet decided and flying that you’ll most likely believe you’re not really busy. Obviously prepared experts will receive much more in return.

Hold the auto take-off catch and the Phantom 3 will take off and afterward drift around 1m off the ground hanging tight for your next order. Toward the finish of the trip there’s a return home catch that will take it back to precisely the same spot you began on account of on-board GPS. Furthermore, for newcomers there’s a wellbeing mode that limits its capacities until you get more sure.


How sure? Like 1.2 miles away certain.

At the same time, on the off chance that you’ve selected to interface your telephone or tablet to the going with regulator you get live 720p high-def film so you can perceive what’s going on with everything and there are a plenty of details introduced on the screen so you can nerd out much further. The live view truly has any kind of effect looks perfectly clear at this scale.

As far as camera controls, it’s conceivable to turn it at the press of a catch to flip among advances and downwards, or the points inbetween.

When you have aced flying, the controls make for an extremely smooth ride – with some training in any case – guaranteeing that the DJI is probably the most straightforward automaton we’ve traveled to date; it positively feels significantly simpler than prior models we’ve flown. Perhaps we’re simply showing signs of improvement, yet instinctive controls can’t be sniffed at.

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Indeed, even inside, and insofar as you are very brave, you’ll see it genuinely simple to fly, in spite of the fact that those propellers are incredible to such an extent that you will kick up any lose papers or residue that happens to lie around. You messy imp.


The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is a delight to utilize and one of the most available automatons we’ve flown. The mass of supportive of spec highlights, agreeability and usability make this a genuine champ.

We could contend the catch is the cost, however even at £1159 for the one-battery Professional alternative it’s in reality all around estimated for an expert 4K video catch device. Obviously you at that point need to factor in an iPad or Android tablet (we tried with an iPad Air 2) for the screen’s live view.

There are less expensive automatons available, obviously, including DJI’s own Standard form or lower ranges, however they come to the detriment of jettisoning 4K catch, GPS and some different highlights.

In the DJI Phantom 3 it’s extremely one of those “you pay for what you get” items. The hint’s in the name: it says it’s Professional and having utilized it we can’t contend with that. It’s a genuine 4K high-flier.