What to do with the small rice cake in Destiny 2

Learn where to use the small rice cake that you found on the Moon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

A lot of players are starting to find small rice cakes in Destiny 2. This is immediately followed by the question, β€œWhat do I do with the small rice cake?” Players are used to unlocking guns and armor, so dealing with food doesn’t exactly come naturally. If you’ve been playing since Forsaken and have a keen eye, you might have already figured it out – but for the rest of us, here’s what they’re for.

What to do with small rice cake

The little rice cake in Destiny 2 is a little treat you provide for the Jade Rabbit sculptures covered up around the Moon. There are a few of these sculptures to discover, similarly as theΒ cats in the Dreaming City. Furthermore, similar as the felines, the Jade Rabbits will give you a compensation for your work.

small rice cake Destiny 2
The evil-looking Jade Rabbit statues hidden around the Moon will accept your small rice cakes.

Credit to Reddit userΒ Ta2punkΒ for the picture.

Hand over a little rice cake and you’ll get some Phantasmal Fragments consequently and conceivably different things as well. These Phantasmal Fragments can be utilized at the Lectern of Enchantment to make exceptional protective layer.

This is one of a couple of approaches to get a portion of these extraordinary assets. Also, if the Jade Rabbits are in any way similar to the feline sculptures, you’ll most likely get an image for taking care of all. The difficulty currently is really discovering them and getting all the more little rice cakes.

Odds are you can just get a little rice cake once every week. This was the situation with the contribution for the felines that smelled faintly of mint. Hope to require a little while before you can get give the rice to every sculpture. On the off chance that you don’t have a little rice cake, the sculpture will essentially peruse “You need something.”

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep adds a ton of secrets for players to settle, and the most recent is the little rice cake. Yet, since you realize you should give these rice cakes to the Jade Rabbits, you can begin approaching your other business, such as looking at the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide page!