How to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2

Fill your inventory with Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2 by using these reliable farming methods.

Enhancement Cores are needed for just about everything to do with your gear in Destiny 2. Acquiring a stockpile of this upgrade material is going to be a top priority for a lot of players, especially for those pushing the higher levels of energy ratings on armor. Thankfully, there are now more ways to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2.

How to get Enhancement Cores

Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores

What were recently referred to asΒ Masterwork CoresΒ are presently known as Enhancement Cores. These are utilized to redesign weapons and defensive layer in Destiny 2. For weapons, Enhancement Cores increment the Masterwork Tier and for shield, they increment the energy limit.

As for the Enhancement Core sources, there are now more ways than ever to get them:


  • Dismantling a Tier 4 piece of gear
  • Purchase from Spider
  • Spider’s weekly Wanted bounties
  • Use a Finest Matterweave consumable
  • Completing a Clan Vendor challenge when at Clan Rank 4
  • Banshee-44’s daily bounties
  • Brother Vance rank-up packages


Dismantle tier 4 Weapons

Upgrade Cores are applied to extend a weapon’s Masterwork level. The first occasion when you may require an Enhancement Core to do this is to get a weapon from Tier three to four. Along those lines, on the off hazard which you break a Tier 4 weapon, you’re ensured to get at any price one middle. The better the level, the more facilities you will get.

Spider’s Enhancement Cores

Destiny 2 Enhancement Core Spider Wanted Bounty
Spider offers various ways of getting Enhancement Cores, from buying them outright to completing Wanted bounties.

Insect is one of only a handful few sellers in Destiny 2 that offers different methods of getting Enhancement Cores. His week after week Wanted bounties, of which he has a few, each prize a center. These criminals are discovered everywhere on the system – in case you’re battling to discover them, look at ourΒ Forsaken part of the Destiny 2 guide hubΒ for their areas.

The trade manner Spider gives Enhancement Cores is through a immediately buy. You can give up Legendary Shards in return for a solitary middle. The fee of the centers increment with each purchase, so weigh up the wide variety of shards you actually need to sink into this approach.

Finest Matterweave

Destiny 2 Finest Matterweave
The Finest Matterweave consumable is a way to get Enhancement Cores off of boss kills.

The Finest Matterweave consumable is perhaps the simplest mean of getting an Enhancement Core. Subsequent to utilizing this consumable, managers get an opportunity of dropping a center. The consumable goes on until you get a center, making it an ensured method of getting one by basically playing Destiny 2.

Clan vendor challenge

destiny 2 enhancement cores clan challenges
Level up your Clan to Core Hound to receive Enhancement Cores upon completing vendor challenges.

This methods for getting an Enhancement Core is just truly helpful for those major parts in a group. At the point when your family arrives at Rank 4, you can start getting difficulties from Hawthorne. Finishing these yields an Enhancement Core.

Banshee-44’s bounties

Destiny 2 gunsmith bounties enhancement cores
Banshee-44 now sells daily bounties that reward Enhancement Cores.

Banshee-44, the Gunsmith in the Tower, now offers bounties that reward Enhancement Cores. These bounties are as simple as getting kills with a specific type of weapon. He offers three a day, allowing you to get 21 Enhancement Cores a week.

Brother Vance farming

The last reliable technique for getting greater Enhancement Cores is by misusing the asset economy and rank-up bundles.

Sibling Vance on Mercury is one of the numerous merchants that can be positioned up. Each time you open one of his bundles, there’s a possibility you will get a completely Masterworked weapon. Destroying a Masterwork weapon will consistently yield Enhancement Cores.

The pleasant technique to cultivate that is to buy Simulation Seeds from Spider when he sells them for Legendary Shards. By emptying a outstanding many shards into shopping for this Mercury planetary asset, you could internet many Enhancement Cores and get better around 80% of the shards you put in.

Getting Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2 has never been easier. Because they are critical in Masterworking weapons and increasing a piece of armor’s energy rating, it’s important to always have a decent supply. Take a moment to look over the ShacknewsΒ Destiny 2 guideΒ for more resource farming techniques.