Civ 6 Mods

The best Civ 6 mods

Delve into the wonderful world of mods civilization 6. Want to make it look like Civ 5 instead? There’s a mod for that

While Civilization VI has made some harsh memories attempting to clutch the authentic 4X crown as of late, it’s as yet quite possibly the most popular strategy games around at the present time. The key to the achievement of a great deal of games, particularly on PC is the expected mods and other client created substance can bring to the table. The Civ 6 mod scene is comparably hearty as some other, and there are a lot of fascinating choices for you to flavor up your next play-through.

It’s significant that, at the hour of composing, the Civilization VI mods appears for the most part to be about more modest UI or personal satisfaction mods. There aren’t the broad redesigns of say Total War or Paradox games; it’s somewhat similar to when you take a gander at our XCOM 2 mods guide, where the primary features are more modest substance packs or UI upgrades. These things can have a significant effect however with a game a large as Civ.

Kindly note that, for the occasion, we’ve just taken a gander at the Steam Workshop to order our underlying rundown of Civ 6 mods – we will be taking a gander at non-steam sources also for future updates to check whether there are still any intriguing mods worth looking at that aren’t on the Workshop.


These are the best Civ 6 mods:

  • Enhanced Mod Manager (Utility)
  • Religion Expanded (Content)
  • Sukritact’s Global Relations Panel (Utility)
  • World Wonders Collection (Content)
  • Latin American Resources (Content)
  • Steel and Thunder (Content)
  • Community Quick User Interface (UI)
  • Better Trade Screen (UI)
  • Real Great People (UI)
  • Environment Skin: Sid Meier’s Civilization V (Graphics)


a shot of the mod manager in civ 6


Given the measure of modes you might actually be downloading and introducing, the vanilla mod chief screen can in some cases get somewhat awkward. The EMM Mod’s progressions are unassuming, however they can make a gigantic personal satisfaction distinction when managing your assortment.

The fundamental change is that it parts the rundown into two, with debilitated mods going on the left-hand list, and the empowered mods on the right. There are additionally different changes and changes, for example, a pursuit work, multi-click empower/cripple, even portrayal pop-ups. In the event that you need to coordinate your mods somewhat better, at that point this apparatus ought to be the primary spot you gaze.

a close up shot of one the new buildings included in the religion expanded civ 6 mod



Religion Expanded is a substance mod that upgrades the strict part of the game, most importantly by increasing the religion cap to 16, despite the fact that you need the Gathering Storm extension and another mod to make it work.

It likewise includes 40 new convictions and customisable strict structures, seven new structures and 14 new pantheons. It for the most part targets making the religion component of the game more powerful and customized. At long last, the content of virtually every unique confidence in the game has been refreshed.

the info panel showing relations between everyone


Civ modding legend Sukritact totally changes the round of worldwide discretion with their global relations board mod. A port of a comparable mod from Civ 5, this is a data change that permits you to perceive how every civ in your game feels about other civs, without raising their strategy menus individually to check physically.

It views at monetary connections also, not certain political ones. From our committed report on the mod, you can see who is at battle with whom, in the event that they are partners, and what sort of partners they are. It even incorporates into existing recoveries, so you will not have to begin again to utilize it.

an in game shot of the Brandenburg Gate world wonder


This is an assortment of mods that mix it up of new World Wonders to the game from five distinct creators. These new WW incorporate things like the Brandenburg Gate, the Globe Theater… even the Itsukushima Shrine.

Every one accompanies its own expenses, necessities and ongoing interaction impacts, despite the fact that we can’t address how adjusted these are. Since we’ve connected to the whole assortment, you can single out which ponders you like, on the off chance that you would prefer not to download the entire parcel.

A shot of the in-game encyclopaedia for Capybara


Leugi and p0kiehl’s Latin American Resources mod is, once more, genuinely straight forward. It adds five new extravagance assets and a reward asset that were usually found in focal and South America, for example, Capybaras and Yerba Mate. Every asset accompanies its own interesting advantage.

Lamentably it is highly unlikely to ‘lock’ assets to specific regions of a haphazardly created map – not even customary assets can do this – so in case you’re expecting these new augmentations to produce in, say, South American on Earth-style maps, you’ll be baffled. In any case, an additional hint of flavor for Latin American players.

a shot of a lot of knights on horseback


This is a replacement to the first ‘Moar Units’ mods which is done being refreshed (and shouldn’t be utilized at all any longer).

There is a collection of three you can buy in to:

  • Steel and Thunder: Unique Units adds one new UU to each human progress, including the extension ones.
  • Steel and Thunder: Unit Expansion adds new worldwide units to the unit trees across all periods
  • Steel and Thunder: Everything Enabled is a personal satisfaction add-on that empowers the entirety of the units from the principal section that are handicapped of course, as certain individuals mentioned this.

The initial two are suggested for a total encounter and address the first, all out usefulness of the first Moar Units mod. The designer chose to separate them for the spin-off for convenience for the individuals who don’t need the whole bundle.


This is an open source mod that is kept up by the community at enormous that attempts to offer the player more data such that is simpler to get to. It totally updates the UI and upgrades it, and has collaborated with some other UI mods (one of which is referenced beneath) to frame a total bundle.

Note that another rendition of this mod was transferred by an alternate creator in June 2020 that is viable with the late 2019 and Summer 2020 patches. There is a more seasoned form of the mod coasting about that is done being refreshed, so ensure you bought in to the correct one. It ought to have ‘Current Version’ in the title.

an in-game shot of new trade screen


This mod improves the exchange screen interface so that it’s simpler to peruse and sort, just as offering some mechanization personal satisfaction usefulness. First off, you can sort courses dependent on yields (Food, Production, Gold, Science, Culture, Faith) or turns remaining, and you can even sort by means of multi-levels or rules simultaneously.

It’s a fantastic UI mod, and the creator has several others also. It’s likewise packaged into some different mods of course, for example, Community Quick User Interface mod referenced previously. The subtleties are on the mod page so ensure you don’t unintentionally bend over.


This is another minor UI mod, this time adding in visual flair. It adds in real pictures from history and improves the Great People UI window. It doesn’t add new Great People, nor can it handle Comandante Generals.


The most famous Civ 6 mod ever (at the hour of composing), regardless of Civilization 6 immovably overwhelming Civ 5 as far as player numbers, it appears to be many actually can’t get away from their adoration for those more seasoned, somewhat muddier Civ 5 illustrations.

This is illustrations mod, actually, despite the fact that it is anything but a total upgrade. Rather it changes and changes the surfaces and shading range to align it more with how Civ 5 looks. It’s likely not 100% precise, but rather deciding by the screen captures (and the supporter check) it’s nearby enough. By and by, I never thought designs were the primary issue with Civ 6 yet there’s no record for taste in some cases.


Civilization 6 has had Steam Workshop support since 2017, so thankfully it’s relatively simple to mod-up your copy of Civ 6 for the majority of us. Simply browse the Workshop find a mod you like and subscribe. There is an additional in-game mod manager-like area called ‘Additional Content’ to further manage which mods you have installed by activating/deactivating.

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If you happen to find any mods that aren’t available via the Workshop (like Nexus or CivFanatics), they’ll typically need to go in your game’s user directory, which is typically: \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods. You’ll need to create a new folder here called ‘Mods’ if there isn’t one and the mod in question will need to go here in its own sub-folder. This will then ensure it appears in Additional Content.


It is still possible to play with your favourite mod even if you’re using the EGS version of Civilization 6 (which launched back in May 2020). If you get the mod from a non-steam source like Nexus, you can simply throw it in the same user directory as above, although it may look like this with the EGS version: \Documents\my games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Epic)\Mods. Again, create a new ‘Mods’ folder if there isn’t one.

If you want a specific Steam mod that isn’t available anywhere else, there are a couple of hoops to jump through first:

  • Firstly, you’ll need the Steam Workshop URL for the mod you’re looking to install (it should have “?id=NUMBER” at the end).
  • Next you will need to go to this website –, input the URL and download the files as a zip folder.
  • Unpack, and then put is in the user directory as above.

With both methods, the mod will appear in the ‘Additional Content’ menu in-game, which will allow you to activate them at your leisure.