Crowdfunding destinations are filling in numbers and are turning into a more well known approach to get item thoughts financed. Presently, we’re seeing stores like Brookstone, the spot to discover interesting blessings and innovation, taking a completely subsidized Indiegogo venture and delivering it into their stores and on their site. It appears they’ve become the murmur fect blessing this Christmas season for music darlings.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones are as fun as they are utilitarian and are a style explanation that many are hoping to make this Christmas season. We got this thing for audit purposes. All suppositions are own and were not impacted.

Everything about the Cat Ear Headphones are cool, from the LED lights that enlighten to emphasize the feline ear shape to the container that they come in. Much the same as different earphones, you can tune in to your music secretly, or turn on the feline ear speakers to impart your music to people around you.

We love the over-the-ear padding that makes a safe and comfortable fit and gives astonishing sound and clamor decrease. Be that as it may, the headset is very weighty, so a little while later the earphones become marginally uncomfortable.

The Cat Ear Headphones are USB battery-powered and give as long as 5 hours of playing time per charge. This just applies to the lights on the grounds that the earphones are neither wireless or Bluetooth competent, so be set up to be connected on the off chance that you need to make the most of your music. There is a separable gaming blast mic so these could make gaming fun.

The Cat Ear Headphones do accompany a decent hard case where to store them, so they should be extraordinary for movement as they’re less inclined to get harmed.

You can get the Cat Ear Headphones in blue, green, purple, or red lighting and retail for around $150 at Brookstone.