Audi RS6 Avant (2020) review
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The idea of a family sportscar might sound somewhat conflicting, but the RS6 Avant is a tour de force – a superbly balanced blend of all-out muscle, with enough restraint to act as a spacious and comfortable family get about. Yes, it costs a fortune to buy and run, but it’s streets beyond its competition both visually and in raw performance terms.
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  • A superbly balanced blend of raucous sportscar with reeled-in family getabout
  • Supremely comfortable with lots of space front and rear
  • Class-leading technology packages
  • Visually more appealing than its competition

  • A ‘family sportscar’ is somewhat conflicting
  • It’s undeniably pricey – especially when adding extras
  • Green credentials – what green credentials?

At the point when we took conveyance of the Audi RS6 Avant in mid March 2020, the UK (in addition to Europe and the entire world, truly), was on the cusp of going into shutdown. Anyway, in our current reality where you were unable to spread your wings, what better approach to feel like you’re flying – truly, given how quick this thing is – than sitting in the driver’s seat of Audi’s five-entryway home vehicle on steroids?

The appropriate response: presumably none. The Audi RS6 speaks to the zenith of everything the German marque is and does. This vehicle is quick. It’s jazzy. It’s agreeable. It’s loaded down with tech. It’s likewise shockingly ‘ordinary’ – a word you probably won’t use for a vehicle that includes an inexorably uncommon V8 motor – in case you’re searching for a family bequest with a piece (alright, a ton) of additional snort.

All of which sounds marvelous. Since it really is. On the off chance that, that is, you can manage the cost of one – on the grounds that the RS6 Avant’s out and about value begins at £94,890 and rather rapidly hops over the six-figure mark – and its continuous fuel and duty costs. In any event you needn’t accepting the sportscar and family getabout independently, however, as the RS6 is basically those wrapped all into one.

Flying without wings

Feature specs see the RS6 Avant’s twin-turbo V8 push this close to two-ton hunk of a vehicle from 0-62mph in simply 3.6 seconds. To place that in context: the base Audi R8 sportscar does that in 3.4


Not that it’s everything about gazing at the numbers, it’s tied in with feeling – and trust us, pop the RS6 into dispatch mode and you will feel like a fly going to take-off when this engine gets prepared.

Throw it into corners and that electronic differential and Quattro four-wheel drive frameworks will assume control over, pushing the force extent to the back haggles everything adhered inflexible to the street. It’s not front substantial like the active model was famous for being either. What’s more, kid is it fun.


While the RS6 can feel crude and unruly, it doesn’t need to. The 8-speed tiptronic gearbox doesn’t exaggerate things – so back off of the pedals, and you have all the common sense and perfection of an A6 Avant. All things considered, short a portion of the range expected no uncertainty – the standard is 22.8mpg, helped along a tid bit by mellow mixture innovation – and the not inconsequential actuality the exise obligation is the most noteworthy conceivable (281g/km CO2 sees to that).

All things considered, nonetheless, the RS6 Avant can naturally deactivate a portion of those eight chambers in case you’re going consistent, pushing the miles per gallon quantity more like 30. Still not astonishing, yet shows this vehicle has a part character. Positively.

Outwardly, as well, there’s a demeanor of modest representation of the truth about the 2020 RS6. It carefully rides the line between hench muscle-vehicle and family bequest, adjusting minds and strength to the perfect degree.

At the point when alternatives are genuinely scant in this section – and not to any incredible amazement, given the practically opposing nature of a ‘family sportscar’ – we’d preferably have a RS6 on the drive over a Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate or Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. The Audi looks more current by a wide margin, inside and out more considered; there’s a gleam of mischievousness in those LED lights that those contenders simply need.

Top notch comfort

This exercise in careful control is brought through into the inside structure as well. The RS6 is a masterclass of style and solace. It has all the fundamental gestures to brandishing legacy, for example, the sewed completion on the (ultra-agreeable) sports seats, in any case, once more, it’s handy: extensive in advance and in the back, with effectively abundant space to heft around five grown-ups.


You’ll feel completely great pootling along down the motorway, with simply enough indulging from those seats when flailing wildly a corner. Pay for all the additional items and that accompanies warmed and cooled seats – the last additional helpful when you’ve taken shots away at such speed that unconstrained sweats kick in.

What’s truly champion about any cutting edge Audi is the on-board tech. It’s a plenitude of screens, the RS6 has Virtual Cockpit past the directing wheel; and double touch boards to the middle split among run and section statures, as utilized for all the mod cons.


When Audi first pushed out this all-contact framework we were questionable about the absence of physical, material controls. Be that as it may, as we’ve come to learn, it’s everything about living with the vehicle: you can program the framework to have your most loved applications as alternate routes, for instance, while the haptic input of the screen is so persuading it’s practically similar to contacting genuine fastens at any rate. Evolving heat/cooling with physical abrogates would in any case be convenient however.

As ever you can go as over the edge as you dare with this tech. The RS6 Avant unquestionably isn’t shy of an additional items list. From the top-end where you’ll discover the £8,000 clay brakes – take a gander at them, however, those red calipers truly set off the dark paint work – through to the still-top-end where you’ll discover the Bang and Olufsen sound framework (£2,295 as a major aspect of the Comfort and Sound Pack).

While these costs may make your stomach drop (yet not exactly as much as it will when driving the vehicle), there’s no denying the contribution every extra can bring. The B&O soundsystem, for instance, is incomparable. So on the off chance that you need to go extra emotional meltdown and rewind to the 90s and transform your vehicle into a (legitimate) rave at that point pull out all the stops – it’ll sound superior to your nostalgic musings.

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There’s likewise a shed heap of security tech accessible: versatile voyage control with auto-slowing down, path takeoff notice, sign acknowledgment, pre-sense wellbeing with front/back/side shirking helps. Because it has the muscle doesn’t mean it comes up short on the minds.


The possibility of a family sportscar may sound to some degree clashing, however the Audi RS6 Avant is a masterpiece – a magnificently adjusted mix of hard and fast muscle, with enough limitation to go about as an open and agreeable family get about.

Truly, the RS6 costs a fortune to purchase and run – and its green qualifications are powerful near zero – however it’s lanes past its Mercedes-AMG and Porsche rivalry, both outwardly and in crude execution terms.

Need to fly without wings? Here’s a top of the line ticket for the entire family.