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The A8 hybrid is a haven of tech and comfort that, as an executive saloon that’s best viewed as a back seat driver, is a bubble of luxury. The hybrid addition is more practical than you might expect too.
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  • A vision of in-car tech’s potential
  • A bubble of luxury from the rear seats
  • That hybrid addition is more practical than you might expect

  • Long wheelbase makes it massive – and a pain to park
  • Looks can be gawky from some angles
  • Limited electric range (29m)


A while ago when we checked on the Audi A8 in 2017 it was presumably the most tech-packed vehicle we’d seen. To the point that we thought it was perhaps attempting to do excessively much with contact based controls. But, three years on, the majority of Audi’s opponents are copycatting such interfaces. Since the A8 was, in numerous regards, relatively revolutionary.

So here we are, in 2020, with the advanced Audi A8: the ‘e’ variant, assigning this is a module half and half. Maybe it’s not the most probable applicant you’d expect in Audi’s armada with jolt – given its previous history of offering V8 motor choices – however given the sheer breadth of room accessible in this long wheelbase model (consequently ‘L’ in the name) there’s a lot of space for some battery power. By and by, it’s displaying future innovation in front of its normalization.

Back to what’s to come

Open the back entryways of the Audi A8 L TFSI e and it’s incomprehensible not to be intrigued. This is a vehicle for chauffering; a vehicle for leader types; a vehicle with no trade off to space and solace.


From these back seats there’s a large group of controls readily available, on account of a tablet-like framework that Audi calls Rear Seat Remote. This 8-inch touchscreen board lives in the inside armrest – just it’s not fixed set up, as a press of the delivery button disconnects it to be taken care of.

So whether you need to alter the mind-set lighting, control the sound system, atmosphere controls, individual lighting (the directional LED lights can be balanced for exactness), seat warming, or considerably more – it’s all accessible readily available.

That is before absorbing the bounty of inside amenities – including a wood finish and agreeable calfskin seats – which makes the A8’s back seat much the same as a top notch suite on wheels. There’s even two headrest-mounted TVs – on the off chance that you need to pay the additional money.



For this survey, obviously, we burned through 99 percent within recent memory steering the ship. It offers all the solace of those back seats, yet the region of computerized shows here and there causes you to feel more carrier pilot than driver.

The A8’s scramble folds its way over the full width of the vehicle, practically coasting in its position, while two huge touchscreen boards are conveniently coordinated to the inside passage. Everything shows up as one single piece, there’s no handles and fastens to worry about, and even the cooling vents are avoided see – just uncovering themselves by electronically motoring their spreads off the beaten path.

While these screens approach an entire host of choices, you can tailor your experience by squeezing and-holding a given symbol and hauling it into a side board for additional usability. Moreover some key capacities – Drive Select (for Auto, Comfort, Sport and Individual), footing control, danger sign, and front/back demist – forever exist on the lower area of the touchscreen, guaranteeing you’ll generally know where they are.


Having initially discovered this fairly occupied, it currently feels like natural. Furthermore, the haptic criticism of these screens – somewhat like the vibration of a telephone – is so adroitly judged that it’s difficult to not accept you’re playing with physical catches.

About that zap

At the point when the advanced A8 hit the roads it got rid of bigger V8 motor alternatives of prior ages, rather picking a 3-liter V6 (for the UK market in any case; side note: there is a significantly more silly W12 choice). It’s a similar 3-liter in the module half and half model, aside from you get extra jolt to impel you along for up to 29 miles on a solitary charge.

That probably won’t sound like a great deal of separation, however for a fuel-swallowing vehicle it can have an immense measure of effect to utilization. It’s an outflows advantage as well, obviously, as its 146g of CO2 per kilometer brings its yearly vehicle charge somewhere near one stage – which means, contrasted with a non-mixture comparable (at 158g/km) it’s well under a large portion of the expense every year in the UK (£215 versus £540 in this model).

Dissimilar to many module crossovers it’s attainable to keep the A8 in EV mode, with help for electric-just at even motorway speeds. You won’t get the full range if requesting a great deal from the battery, however we were drawing near to 27 miles for every charge. We connected to a divider attachment at home, which takes two or three hours to top off the battery – not the quickest ever, yet fast enough. Indeed, even a three-pin attachment will fill the battery in less than four hours.

The A8 will recover vitality from slowing down, as well, so will help expand the battery’s possible range all through driving. Without a doubt, the frameworks on board here will encourage you when to take your foot off the pedal – with a twofold ‘thump’ sensation to the bottom of your foot – to maintain everything in best control.


Joined with the petroleum motor and you’ll make over 100mpg no issues, which is genuinely productive for such a major and substantial long wheelbase vehicle. Over our seven day stretch of driving the danger of visiting a gas station not even once became reality after numerous hours and miles out and about.

As a driving encounter the A8 L e is true to form. It’s refined and smooth, yet when you push things there’s some unavoidable flounder from that huge body. That is the thing about the long wheelbase: it truly feels large out and about, and it’s long to such an extent that it’s a genuine agony to stop (or maybe not on your house’s broad parking garage).

Prevalent security

Which brings us flawlessly to the A8 e’s security frameworks, of which there are a stack. It’s the leaving one that you’ll truly require – as the 360-degree camera of Audi’s AI Parking Pilot delineates a horribly exact on-screen 3D model of the vehicle in situ (counting its environmental factors), which is helpful for leaving such a long vehicle without crushing into the kerb.

However, you needn’t really utilize such a component when in the driver’s seat: the AI Remote Parking Pilot implies you can basically press-and-hold a catch on your cell phone and, when remaining external the vehicle, watch it leave itself into a sound or into a carport (assuming, once more, you have one that is sufficiently long!)


This is all gratitude to a pile of sensors ready. There’s 12 ultrasonic sensors, four 360-degree cameras, five radar sensors (four mid-extend, one long-go), one laser scanner and one infrared camera. These empower the vehicle to be continually taking a gander at its environmental factors, helping the wellbeing frameworks, which empower occurrence evasion.

Future electric vehicles: Upcoming battery-fueled vehicles that will be on the streets inside the following 5 years

In its crossover structure the A8 comes reasonably completely kitted out as well, which means the expense of that battery doesn’t generally make an interpretation of contrarily to the purchaser. Most of tech arrangement, inside completion and wellbeing highlights comes as standard, making the module choice an easy decision over the petroleum just proportionate. Not that the ‘standard’ cost is in the domains of reasonable for most: it’s upward of £87k.


The way the Audi A8 L TFSI e module drives is practically optional to its motivation, since this vehicle is such a sanctuary of tech and solace that, as a chief cantina that is best seen as a busybody, it’s an air pocket of extravagance.

As we said of the 2017 A8 upon its dispatch, this vehicle is a dream of in-vehicle tech’s future. Presently, in its cross breed ‘e’ structure, it’s additionally a dream of where things are going as far as force. It proceeds in testing existing known limits – and not at all like numerous other modules there’s reasonable outflows investment funds and handy employments of EV modes readily available.