How to get Anarchy Exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2

Learn how to unlock Anarchy, a powerful Exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2.

Getting the Anarchy Exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2 is not going to be the easiest task for a lot of players, as it’s locked behind some of the game’s most challenging and demanding content. However, players will no doubt want to get their hands on it, as it is one of the most unique weapons in the game.

How to get Anarchy Exotic grenade launcher

Beforehand, the lone way players can get the Anarchy Exotic explosive launcher is toΒ complete the Scourge of the Past strike. Nonetheless, as of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Scourge of the Past was eliminated from the game. This implies the best way to get Anarchy is presently from theΒ Monument to Lost Light stand in the Tower. You should burn through 240 Spoils of Conquest to open this very incredible Exotic Grenade Launcher.

Anarchy Destiny 2
Anarchy’s main perk, Arc Traps, creates a web of Arc lightning that can quickly off any opponent.

For those scratching their heads over why the Anarchy Exotic projectile launcher is so profoundly pursued, one gander at the advantages ought to clarify that. Rather than terminating explosives that detonate on effect or in the wake of bobbing, Anarchy fires tripmines into the ground that associate along with Arc lightning. These Arc wires beat sufficiently quick to kill any major part surprisingly fast. Despite the fact that not perhaps the best weapon in standard Crucible, its qualities lie in zone of-refusal.

Getting your hands on the Anarchy Exotic explosive launcher requires gathering many Spoils of Conquest. Players should zero in on finishing strikes on numerous characters to cultivate up a decent stockpile. Make certain to look at theΒ Destiny 2 complete methodology guideΒ for more Exotic weapon subtleties.