Quick verdictIf you’re looking for ideal in-ear workout partners, the big sound and not-so-big price is hugely appealing. So long as you can cope without noise cancelling.
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  • Design of the neckband is comfortable
  • Great bassy sound
  • Battery life is strong
  • Inexpensive

  • Needed to adjust the fit every so often
  • Not the most pleasant for casual listening


Adidas FWD-01 Sport In-Ear Headphones review

The universe of Bluetooth in-ears has moved enormously over the recent years. For a brief period organizations were centered around profoundly proficient jewelry headphones, yet now – with the ascent in fame of Apple AirPods – all organizations are moving towards genuine remote in-ears.

All things considered, there’s a business opportunity for fastened remote headphones, particularly for the individuals who would prefer not to spend a ton on a couple they’re going to maltreatment at the exercise center. Enter the Adidas FWD-01, a game centered pair of in-ears ready to rock and roll for your longest runs and sweatiest exercises.

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Inclining toward sound from a similar organization that brings you Marshall and Urbanears speakers and earphones, the FWD-01 look to be the main pair of headphones you requirement for your lively adventures.

Work it out

  • Weight: 25g
  • Sewn low-erosion rope
  • Attractive earbuds snap together
  • Exchangeable ear tips and wings
  • Three catch distant and activity button
  • Sweatproof and splashproof (IPX4-evaluated)

Athleisure is huge business in the realm of attire, and Adidas has unmistakably dunked into such interpretations for its FWD-01 headphones. The level sewed rope covering the inside cabling and parts would look similarly as great in a couple of PrimeKnit tennis shoes. It’s delicate, agreeable and looks energetic.


As a result of that sewed covering around the link, it never sticks or feels unnatural on the rear of your neck, regardless of whether you’re mid-run or simply wearing them while sitting on a bicycle. We found once in a while that its position needs rearranging marginally, however that is perfecly typical for any pair of headphones utilizing a link around the rear of the neck.

Implanted inside this canvas you’ll additionally discover control catches: on the in that general area’s the triple catch distant for skipping, playing and delaying music; while the left control has a solitary custom catch.

Presently, we’re not generally fanatics of in-line controllers dangling from the ear, since they look burdensome or upset the parity of the headphones. In any case, Adidas’ structure group has limited that sway by making the controls as thin as posslible. Given the situation of the Type-C charging port inside the privilege earbud’s packaging, that appears to be it’s been made conceivable by not including the batteries inside the line or control unit.



We very like the tough and stout look of these earbuds. They have a heptagonal shape and come shrouded in a grippy, non-slip finished completion. They feel too solid, while the consideration of IPX4 water-opposition implies you don’t need to stress over perspiration or downpour harm.

The ear tips have a pill-molded opening for the sound, and a delicately tightened cone-shape which appears to give a decent seal in the ear, while ear wings hold the headphones inside your ears. You get extra tips and wings to tweak the fit for your ears as well.

Generally, the fit is acceptable. These buds never dropped out during our testing, and we felt the hold was truly secure. It’s not exactly great however: on runs we found we’d need to change the point and fit a couple of times to get the correct fit.

At that point, during a run, the seal with the tip would steadily slacken and afterward should be balanced again – particularly when the North Wales seaside twists began to blow. It’s not something we normally have to do with a significant number of the genuine remote headphones, for example, the Powerbeats.




This moving is insignificant however. We’ve endured a ton more terrible with numerous different sets. Also, we tried these buds on different runs, just as with HIIT and quality iron weight exercise, and exercise bicycle meetings. When the fit was discovered, we infrequently needed to change.

At the point when not being used, you don’t need to toss these ‘buds in their included pocket on the off chance that you don’t need. The earbuds have magnets to snap them together, so they can be worn effectively around the neck.

Highlights, execution and application control

  • Customisable activity button
  • Equalizer instrument

Like a ton of current sound items, there’s a related application. The Adidas earphones application gives you some fundamental, however easy to understand, powers over a portion of the FWD-01’s basic components.

You can utilize it to pick what the custom activity button does, yet the decisions of what it can do are restricted. It tends to be set to actuate your telephone’s voice colleague or dispatch Spotify, and you can set it so a solitary press dispatches one of those capacities, while a twofold or triple-press does the other.

The application likewise permits you to change adjustment, with a couple presets accessible in addition to a ‘Custom’ alternative to make your own sound profile utilizing a couple of EQ sliders.

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Association was faultless the whole time we utilized the FWD-01. The battery life is truly amazing as well: Adidas asserts as long as 16 hours on a solitary charge. We utilized these headphones regularly for various distinctive exercise styles, in some cases associated with our Apple Watch and different occasions to our telephone, and after more than three hours of tuning in, the battery still just indicated that 20 percent had been utilized.

Bass-impacting support

With respect to the sound, that is the ideal blend of bass, volume and effect that you need to drive you through an exercise meeting.


Notwithstanding which preset EQ setting you pick, there’s a lot of bass. At the point when you need that hit from a bass drum, or the bass notch of some peppy tracks to keep you to task, it’s ideal.

While the bass is available, it doesn’t muffle the rest. You despite everything get a decent measure of high pitch, with clear vocals and instrumentation. This is genuine whether you’re running outside, or in a calmer domain inside. In any event, when the fit wasn’t totally cozy, the bass didn’t totally fall away.

One element of the Adidas headphones you’ll either love or disdain is the deliberate aloof commotion passthrough. These headphones are structured not to totally shut out outer clamor, the idea being that in case you’re running or cycling outside close to streets you can even now hear any traffic in your region. It’s a wellbeing highlight more than anything.

That may imply that in case you’re utilizing the FWD-01 out of a rec center that is continually impacting out music or TV from its own music framework, you may need to siphon up the volume to overwhelm it.

In general, it’s a marginally extraordinary sound to what in particular you’d get from the Powerbeats, as we thought that it was a smidgen bass-weighty, yet – in contrast to the Beats – you do get the capacity to change EQ fairly, so it’s almost certain you’ll get a parity you like in case you’re especially fastidious.


There’s a ton to like about the Adidas FWD-01. The weaved external covering on the cabling looks and feels extraordinary, the controls are anything but difficult to utilize, the sound siphoning through the drivers is boisterous and bassy, while the battery keeps going quite a while. Exactly what you need on an exercise.

In any case, we might want to see a somewhat better parity to the earbuds’ structure. The in-ear wing configuration, joined with the marginally cumbersome ‘buds, implies the sentiment of wearing was a little wobbly for us. All things considered, the fit is commonly secure – and never had a danger of dropping out – so we just needed to correct now and again.

In case you’re searching for ideal in-ear exercise accomplices, the huge sound and not huge cost is gigantically engaging. Insofar as you can adapt without commotion dropping.