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It’s in this budget price bracket that Chrome OS’s particular appeals shine through. Sure, the Spin 311 isn’t incredibly slim and can’t run proper Windows apps, but it’s got a great keyboard, lasts for ample time, and delivers enough across the board for its asking price.
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  • A good-looking and comfortable-to-use keyboard
  • Solid battery life
  • Its IPS screen may not be fancy – but still looks quite good
  • Well-made flexi hinge and rugged body


  • XL-size screen borders
  • Can’t handle some of Android’s most popular games
  • Flawed touchpad construction

Chromebooks are not only for spending purchasers any longer. Some cost four figures, are made of aluminum and magnesium, and have as much force as a top of the line Windows PC.

Be that as it may, the best tech-per-pound Chromebooks are as yet reasonable ones like this: the Acer Chromebook Spin 311. It’s fine for the nuts and bolts, similarly as you’d anticipate from a PC at this value point.

Beside one little form quality issue, there’s little to hate about the Acer Chromebook Spin 311. Its screen is sufficient, execution scratches by joyfully, and it’s shockingly fab as a bit of composing machine.

This is no wonder of present day innovation, however is only the sort of minimal effort PC numerous individuals ought to consider.


Measurements: 296 x 206 x 23.50mm

Weight: 1.33kg

Plastic packaging

We’ve figured out how to expect a considerable amount from modest Chromebooks, however not really great looks. Notwithstanding, portions of the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 are actually preferably classy – all the more so over a great deal of the pricier workstations Acer has made.

Simply take a gander at the unpretentious two-tone console and encompasses. Dark on dull dim, with an amicable looking key textual style, and bends that pussyfoot over that line between the genuine and open: it every single simply function admirably.


There’s a major proviso, obviously: the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 has enormous screen encompasses. This is a 11.6-inch PC with the impression more like a 13-inch one. So while we think the base half looks great, the top half is either going to seem to be dated or modest given those bezels.

This is the fundamental spending giveaway, on the grounds that the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 doesn’t have the fat raised encompasses of a genuine old fashioned PC. Its screen is secured by a major sheet of Gorilla Glass. In the event that this Chromebook had a 13-inch screen that rounded out the top part, it would look astonishing. In any case, at that point it likely wouldn’t cost so little either.

This recognition about the Acer Chromebook Spin 311’s look just applies to within. The top is a sans style zone of finished plastic. However, does that truly make a difference?

The Spin 311 is a truly compact little Chromebook, yet might be somewhat heavier and thicker than you may anticipate. It weighs 1.33kg and is 23mm thick, comparable in weight to a 13-inch ultraportable, yet thicker. Acer gauges the weight at 1.5kg on its site, yet it is entirely lighter dependent on our scales.

It feels reassuringly solid as well, generally because of the ultra-extreme band of dark plastic that runs between the base and console plate. These different parts aren’t exactly as thick and extreme, yet offer sans flex composing.


The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 has a 360-degree pivot, one of its fundamental highlights, and this is likewise solid. It doesn’t wobble on the off chance that you type with the PC in your lap, or flip back too effectively when you get it.

There’s just a single noteworthy issue with the Spin 311’s development. Lift it up close by and the touchpad clicker quits clicking, on the grounds that the flex of the case pushes it in. Dive somewhat more profound into what causes this and you’ll discover it’s the flex of the underside. While irritating, the clicker doesn’t unexpectedly quit working since you lay your wrist on the top.

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Console and Touchpad

Non-illuminated console

Plastic touchpad

It is no colossal astonishment that a modest plastic PC doesn’t have faultless form, yet the Spin 311 is as yet a wonderful little PC for composing and work. It has a full-size console; key definition is strong, and there’s no feeling of feeling squeezed when composing – dissimilar to the Microsoft Surface Go 2.

There’s none of the extravagant stuff, obviously: no console backdrop illumination, no unique mark scanner. In any case, the Spin 311 is an update the nuts and bolts matter most, especially in case we’re looking at composing a 3,000 word paper as opposed to flicking through Netflix for the 3,000th time.


It has one exceptionally flawless element, however. The Chromebook Spin 311 depends on plans initially expected for homerooms. Having the option to take misuse is the cash of these workstations. In that capacity, the console has a store that can hold a full can of fluid with no spilling into the significant inner parts. Try not to test this with Coke, as sweet, clingy stuff is no companion to consoles. Be that as it may, you can see where the fluid depletes out on the underside.

The touchpad is a likewise useful. It has a plastic surface, not a glass one like those of extravagant Chromebooks. Be that as it may, it feels genuinely like glass, is of a decent size, and has a stout clicker activity with zero of the floaty feel we hope to keep away from when looking for a work PC.

Cross breed plan and screen

11.6-inch IPS LCD show

Gorilla Glass security

1136 x 768 goal

360-degree pivot

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is a hit for composing, yet shouldn’t something be said about the great stuff? Its 360-degree pivot gives it an edge over some other less expensive Chromebooks. You can crease the presentation right back so the top meets the base.

This is definitely not an extraordinary tablet, yet the pivot improves for noodling around when in bed, or for use anyplace you truly need an amusement screen, not a PC.


The screen is genuinely little – at 11.6-crawls across – and genuinely low-goal. We’d love it to round out the screen encompass and be higher res. In any case, at this value we can live with what we arrive, on the grounds that it by and by gives a decent fundamental degree of value.

This is an IPS LCD, a similar kind you may discover on a telephone or tablet. It doesn’t begin looking bizarre or revolting when seen from an inappropriate point – a typical quality of a lot more established Chromebooks. You’ll despite everything see this in a ton of modest bigger screen PCs with TN (wound nematic) boards, as well. They are the main thing to maintain a strategic distance from in the event that you need an attractive screen.

We additionally took a stab at utilizing the Spin 311 outside in the sun to perceive how it oversaw, as modest workstations are once in a while that splendid. You won’t have any desire to utilize this Chromebook out in the recreation center to watch a film, yet we could without much of a stretch see this survey in-improvement while sat on the grass as the tingling sensation fired stirring up our legs. That you’ll need to stress over your own solace more than this current PC’s screen when working outside is a decent outcome.

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 has a touchscreen, a basic for any half breed. In any case, there’s no brilliant pointer here.



Radeon R4 illustrations

The best piece of the Acer Chromebook Spin 311’s presentation is the means by which brisk and simple it is to utilize. Head back to utilizing it the day in the wake of beginning a report and it comes out of rest pretty much as fast as an Android telephone. There’s none of that slack you get with a Windows PC that has gone into a force sparing hibernation in the wake of being left failing to help some time.

Essential execution is strong as well – again better than you’d see from a Windows PC with a similar processor. Chrome OS is a really slender working framework, so there’s less to hinder a low-fueled PC when simply pottering about doing straightforward stuff.


Sites load rapidly as long as your web association is quick and there’s no slack when you accomplish something straightforward like compose an archive.

Need more? Chromebooks can run Android applications, making each and every one a (potential) incredible little amusement machine. In any case, the Acer Chromebook Spin 311’s presentation is more sketchy than a comparable estimated Android telephone attempting to run the equivalent applications.

This isn’t on the grounds that the PC has a genuinely feeble CPU. Android applications are run utilizing a covering in Chrome OS, and don’t generally work such well, paying little mind to the force on tap.

We evaluated an entire pack of the most mainstream applications and games to perceive how the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 holds up. Results were blended.

Hits incorporate Gameloft’s magnificent racer Asphalt 8, Bloons TD 6, Dead Trigger 2, Alto’s Adventure and Super Monkey Ball. They all function admirably, beside some periodic lull in Bloons and Asphalt.

Some others either don’t work by any means, or are excessively moderate. Black-top 9 frequently appears as though a slide show, PUBG crashes continually, Call of Duty: Mobile and ARK: Survival don’t move beyond the logo screens before smashing, and Minecraft isn’t even accessible on the Chrome OS Google Play store. These are the sorts of games many need to play, and there’s additionally no form of Fortnite for Chrome OS either.

What’s the principle contrast between these champs and failures? On the off chance that a game uses the sort of graphical procedures embraced over the most recent couple of years, there’s a decent possibility it won’t function admirably, or maybe by any stretch of the imagination, on this Chromebook (or another Chromebook besides).

Notwithstanding, the games that truly battle don’t work especially well on any Chromebook, cost immaterial. At long last, Chrome OS’s inconsistent Android application bolster features why less expensive Chromebook resembles this are a less hazardous purchase than the more costly alternatives. Their specs coordinate Chrome OS’s cutoff points.


We likewise attempted some N64 and PS1 copying on the Chromebook. Both work delightfully, with no conspicuous stoppage in the titles attempted.

What are the specs? The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 has an AMD A4-9120C CPU, 4GB RAM and 32GB stockpiling. It could do with more extra room, as we needed to uninstall a lot of games during testing, yet 32GB is as yet the standard at the cost.

The AMD chipset is intended to utilize next to no power, and is generally what could be compared to an Intel Celeron N4000, which Acer utilized in the last form of the Spin 311. It has next to no power, and would be an undermined fit for a Windows PC. Be that as it may, it performs fine and dandy in Chrome OS.

AMD has a genuine advantage over the modest Intel Celeron CPUs at the level as well: the Radeon R4 designs chipset is significantly more remarkable than the UHD 600 opponent from Intel. Both are complete weaklings, obviously, however the distinction despite everything implies you can play more games all the more serenely.

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311’s speakers are reasonable for a modest Chromebook as well, in that they are in any event not a total humiliation. Two descending confronting drivers sit on the base. They give close to zero bass and just moderate max volume, however don’t contort in a monstrous route at most extreme volume or cause portions of the case to shake. They’ll do the stunt for incidental YouTube and Netflix real time.

Battery life

As long as 10 hour battery life

USB-C charging

4200mAh battery

Acer says the Chromebook Spin 311 endures 10 hours between charges. PC battery claims are normally works of fiction, however this one is at any rate not very a long way from reality.DSC02280ş

Real time YouTube at half brilliance, the Spin 311 keeps going eight hours and 20 minutes. You presumably won’t have any desire to drop the brilliance much lower than what we utilized for this test, however the battery should last somewhat more in the event that you essentially need to compose records. In any case, who does that for eight hours in a row?

This PC has USB-C charging, a flawless present day curve that lets you energize the PC (gradually) with telephone chargers.

There’s uplifting news for the individuals who will for the most part utilize the Spin 311 at home as well. While it doesn’t have a HDMI port, you can attach a screen or TV over USB-C through the DisplayPort standard.

You get a lot of associations: two USB-Cs, two oldie USB 3.0 ports, a microSD and earphone jack.


You need to ponder who some Chromebooks are intended for. Who actually needs an immensely costly Chrome OS PC like the Google PixelBook, which looks and feels pleasant yet can scarcely do anything with the force it has.

No such head-scratching is required with the Acer Chromebook Spin 311. This is an incredible purchase for somebody who needs a PC yet can’t stretch to the soliciting cost from a section level Intel Core i3 Windows PC, not to mention a four-figures or past for a top of the line one.

The 311 has a generally excellent console, the IPS screen looks wonderful enough (even with huge outskirts and low goal), and the flexi-pivot contact show lets it take on huge numbers of the non-convenient occupations of a tablet.

The Spin 311 isn’t fantastically thin, can’t run appropriate Windows applications, and a development oversight influences the touchpad in one explicit situation. In any case, it’s in this value section that Chrome OS’s specific interests radiate through, and this is an awesome case of a reasonable Chromebook.